Emerging Conduits gone and no more


in my mind i love HS. LS and NS and WH are simply different.
May be the “elite” gamer love NS and WH and LS but they love to come in HS for sell and buy. Try to stay in yours WH, NS, LS without come in HS then we will can speak to “save” the HS.
And yes the HS give a lot of isk. There are industrial of NS who are buying many tritanium in … HS. Well buy the trita in LS and NS please not in HS. -> i need trita for my industry in HS. :slight_smile:

I finally get around to being able to farm and mine these solo and now its nerfed…well my job here is done.

what else can i go do for ccp to nerf into the ground?


Nullsec combat anomalies

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Sorry Lydia, but I live in HS and I need stuff from WH and NS and LS for my HS Industry.

So :stuck_out_tongue: to you

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Your more than welcome to fight for highsec, I wont be fighting against you.

Please don’t be naive. The number of sociopaths that play this game solely to ruin another person’s day is staggering. You have people who haven’t set foot in High Sec for years except with alts for monthly shopping trips suddenly frothing at the mouth at the chance to “mine salt” and “extract tears” from players they never interact with, don’t care about, and aren’t a threat to them.


What the heck does that have to do with my post? I’m only talking about motivations in joining the fight in invasions. I have zero interest on your opinions of people just playing a fictional game.


Seems that the mining bots are back in full force now that the conduits are gone. Bring them back! Besides, it was a nice distraction to run them occationally.

If they are bots moving ore than CCP can detect that and does.

No need to screw the honest players with the bots.

There are still Emerging Conduits in minor triglavian victory systems.

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