Empyrean Edict - Lowsec PvP Alliance, looking for pilots! Newbros welcomed

Who are we?

We are a PvP focused alliance enlisted in Factional Warfare (for the Amarr Empire) Although FW is our bread and butter we also do other PvP activities in null such as ESS or general roaming. We have members from all around the world which means that there is at least 1-3 people on at all times. As an alliance we also have support for mining and general industry.

Our philosophy is quite simple EVE is just a game and we expect nothing from our members other than to be keen to learn/engage in PvP be chill and get involved with the alliance/corp. FW is a solid place for newer players/lower SP characters with the right attitude. Check out our killboard to see the kind of content we get.

As of now our alliance is made up of two corporations - if you wish to join as an individual there is the choice of:

  • Radiant Shadow (USTZ/EUTZ)
  • Black Lancers (AUTZ)

For corp recruitment please contact Sazarc



What we offer

  • A casual and supportive environment
  • Wide range of PVP activities
  • Support with industry and mining
  • LP buyback program


  • Discord is our main communication platform, you will need it to engage with the alliance & corp
  • No skillpoint requirements - however you must skill plan into PvP
  • Alts are allowed, however it’s expected that you declare your main(s)

Our public channel is SAC_PUB feel free to join and have a chat or you can mail one of our contacts, if no one is online you can join our discord and introduce yourself.


AUTZ: Kaial Vazar


Peeps are missing out! Come join


I’m looking for a corp

41 from Florida and I play most weekends

I rarely check this - if you’re still interested join our in game channel! SAC_PUB