Empyreus [PYRE] is looking for laid-back and active corporations who are looking for a forever-home!

Greetings! Thanks for taking a minute to peruse our thread. Empyreus is an alliance located in J-Space (wormholes). While I know that wormholes can be a scary unknown, and because of that, offputting, we try to make all of our members not only comfortable but familiar enough with the mechanics to remove a lot of the “mystery” behind wormholes. A gigantic portion of our current corporations left nullsec to come to wormholes, so we understand a lot of the struggle involved with that.

We are predominately a PVP focused alliance, but we do have avenues for alliance members to make enough isk to sustain and grow themselves. Whether it’s huffing gas locally, venturing into our statics to explore, run combat sites/anomalies, or other stuff, we are able to provide for people.

We are a very sociable group that doesn’t tolerate overbearing personalities that ruin the atmosphere in a lot of other groups. I won’t claim we’re perfect; that would be an outright lie, but we try to make the environment enjoyable for everyone. We primarily use Discord for text chat, fleet pings, organization, and other things. TeamSpeak 3 is our primary voice communication, and we host a private pathfinder instance for mapping our chain. Empyreus is almost 100% USTZ/AUTZ. If you’re outside of those timezones, you’ll likely only wind up being bored and wondering where the alliance is at.

Between the various corporations in the alliance, there is a lot of knowlege at hand. If you’re a newer corporation looking to dip your toes into wormholes for the first time, or a grizzled corp of veterans looking to reinvigorate and remove your players’ apathy, all are welcome to chat with us about Empyreus.

We have several FC’s in the alliance, as well as a diverse spread of fleet setups (tools for the job). This spans from Retributions and Confessors all the way up to Nestors and Leshaks.

In any given week we will typically have a few roams through one of our statics, as well as black ops fleets, and fighting intruders. We typically have an alpha variant for every fleet type (except blops - need that covert cloak!) for corporations with Alphas.

At times, when nothing is cooking in Eve or people want a down night, the corps get together and play other games. Apex, Tabletop Simulator, etc. We’re a pretty sociable group, and chilling in ts3 and playing games is what we’re here to do.

If you’re interested in chatting with us and finding out more about our alliance, feel free to shoot me a message on Discord: Maulth#3255 or join our public-facing Discord here: https://discord.gg/U94udKv – Feel free to get in contact if only to ask questions!

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