Enable us to Delete Default Overview Presets

Please allow me to delete the default overview presets.

Like many pilots I know, I have specific overviews for specific tasks. Each one is highly specialised providing exactly the information I need but without bloat. Each of these overviews is linked in the MOTD of a chat channel, and my friends and I can easily switch between them when we go to do different things (e.g., Ganking, PVP, PVE, recon, etc.)

The recent(ish) overview updates added many great features; however, you also added a TON of default presets. These presets pollute my specialised overview, which hurts the DSCAN window, overview settings and context menus.

So my request is simple:

  • Keep the current overview settings as the default
  • Allow power users to delete the default presets so we can have our highly specialized overviews
  • Restore the default settings from within the Overview Settings window so players who accidently delete their presets can easily get them back again

The D-SCAN filter menu. Note how I cannot see my personal presets, nor can I see all of the default presets without scrolling. - Not useful when needing to find something in a pinch.

The D-SCAN filter menu. Note how I cannot see my personal presets, nor can I see all of the default presets without scrolling. - Not useful when needing to find something in a pinch.

^ This image gives you a better idea of the number of presets that are loaded in by default, and not deleteable. Compare this to the old default overview which was less than 10 iirc.


Go to the ingame channel “Eve Overviews”

Install an overview.

There will now be a menu option there labeled “Custom” that you can use from then on and ignore the presets like everyone else in EvE.

I have my own custom overviews, the problem is I cannot remove the default presets from it so when I need to navigate through the list of options I have an unnecessarily long list full of options that I’ll mostly stay away from.

So figure out how they got theirs listed in a custom folder above all those options in the menu? :thinking:

There doesn’t need to be the option to “delete” the default filters, I even think thats not a good way to do it. Maybe the character is sold at some point or maybe your custom overview gets lost - CCP wants to make sure there is a bottom line anyone can use, no matter how much experience he has. Another benefit of the default overviews is that they automatically “add” new ships to the filters as they come into the game, something custom overviews often miss, they need to be updated manually else you will miss some entries.

However, the better solution would just be a checkbox in the overview settings under “Filters” that allows you to “disable” the default overview filters so they aren’t show in the context menues. But if you need them again, you can turn them back on anytime you wish.

Or figure out how the people who made the overviews on the “Eve Overviews” channel got theirs into a custom folder.

I’m sure it would take less than a dozen clicks to figure it out myself if I felt like logging in right now, why don’t you look?

There is nothing to “figure out”. If you save a custom filter it’s automatically listed in a newly created “custom filters” folder.

He simply doesn’t want to see all those default overviews in the UI because he has not the slightest intention to ever use them. Understandable. Having an option to make stuff that just bloats the context menues disappear is better than not having that option.

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100% this.

Open overview settings > msc (tab) > Reset - problem solved.

Do they? Historically the default overviews have been iffy after major updates. Happy if this is no longer the case, but history is not on CCP’s side :slight_smile:

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Ngl seriously ruined, now i have to scroll half way down to ‘show all’… i literally used to use only 3 or 4 of my overview presets i have no fking idea wtf they added all that gunk to it but its fking annoying. LIKE REALLY FUNKING ANNOYING CCP.