New Overview limitations, WHY the big step back?


I have carried this grudge for a while now before I finally ask publicly:

WHY ON EARTH did you eliminate some of the most basic features of the old overview systems while establishing the new version?

In particular, I am talking about :

  1. the SAVED / NOT SAVED state of presets
  2. the fact that using a preset is no longer possible individually

Regarding 1. :
The OLD overview system allowed to load a preset to any tab you wanted, modify that tab afterwards e.g. by adding or removing entries to the overview… it was renamed “ not saved” after that.
It was completely up to you if you wanted to revert to the original preset by just loading it again and all was fine. or you could just save the modified one… to any new name or the old name… didn’t matter.

Now with the NEW system, if you load a preset and edit ANYTHING, it’s renamed “ not saved” as well, but in fact the original preset is immediately changed.
That way, you cannot revert to the original preset easily anymore after making e.g. numerous changes… or or load the original preset to another tab once you already modified it.

This is simply ANNOYING.

Regard 2. :
With the OLD system, you could load any overview preset to any tab you wanted. Just like using a “base” preset and modify it to your needs in additional tabs. Each tab acted individually and independently. The original saved preset was never altered and remained untouched for later use.

The NEW system uses presets globally now… you create a preset, you load the preset to multiple tabs. you edit one tab to fit your desire, and ALL OTHER TABS you loaded the same preset before immediately apply the changes, too…
That’s just ridiculous tbh…

Even with optimisations and extending limitation etc. in mind, I just can’t see why these two fundamental mechanics have been literally trashed during the overview revamp.
It is such a huge step BACK, especially for veteran Players being used to useful and logical mechanisms for years.

I am about to celebrate my personal 2x 20th and 1x 19th anniversary with my oldest characters in eve this year, too, but tbh changes like these are already killing any desire to play this game any further :frowning:

a very frustated 2003 Eve Player…


Refreshing this conversation, because I find it totally baffling. I just want to set a tab to the default mining profile but now can not figure the f***ing thing out. If you want to drive customers away, why not just turn the game off and be done with it. WTF.

The same as you always had to do it - rightclick an overview tab, select your mining filter.

The new default EVE overview even has a mining filter:


And even better yet, you can now have multiple overview tabs open at the same time, so you can watch your mining filter and another filter in two separate tabs.


I agree with this.
The absolute WORST thing a computer can EVER do is something I didn’t tell it to.

If I change a tab, I didn’t ask you to change another tab, I didn’t ask you to save the changes, I only asked you to change that tab.

Never do anything I did not SPECIFICALLY tell you to do…EVER.

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