How Do I remove specific overview presets from D-scan filter?

Hi there. I’m currently looking for the solution to remove or sort specific overview presets from D-scan filters.
I need to remove useless default overview presets from the filter though, I couldn’t find way to remove them.
Let me know if anyone knows the answer please.


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Anyone ?

I don’t think the filters can be removed. I think you may only add to them, maybe.

You can attach any one of your saved Overview settings as the filter for D-scan. I’m not near a PC at the moment so can’t give the button by button details. This will be handwaving as a description. Sorry.

Now, since you probably want something different on D-scan compared to any of your Overview tabs the trick I use is to open a new overview tab, create the “what I want to see filter” in there, save it as something appropriate (“dscan” - I’m not original!), Then select that as the filter set in the D-scan window. Then I close thelat working overview tab.
Editing the list is a similar process.

All I tend to have in D-scan is all the capsuleer ships.

Thanks for the reply.
Hmm. CCP really needs to consider the option for removing presets … Default presets are totally useless and annoying…

Well, I know how to add presets to dscan filters.
Looking for the way to delete them including default overview presets from the filter list.

Thanks for this explanation…I was able to add a tab named “Foe” for hostile ships, but the Load Preset to Tab is grayed out, and I am wondering if there is a way to tell that custom tab to only show hostile NPC ships. Is there?

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