Encounter Surveillance System projected to be a "Permanent thing"

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nullsec bears and bots on life support and panicking in fear of having to pay attention to the ESS in every system now instead of just afk krabbing for hours upon hours


Interesting - absolutely not going to have the effect they think it will have , but that’s normal from CCP :slight_smile:


I like this idea. It is an improvement of the existing system to be sure, though I’d rather ESS not be a thing to begin with. Obviously CCP is sticking with ESS, so of the two options permanent ESS is waaaaaaaaaaay better than deployable ESS. I was initially upset that this could jeopardize my proposal for replacing ESS with a Blackout Deployable, but after a brief derp I realized the two could co-exist (permanent ESS + Blackout Deployable) :muscle:. I’ve revised my original proposal in light of this announcement (thanks, Scoots!)

Ok so friendly reminder (you remimber when i predict the fail of blackout and you’re move after ? Right, so read me and read me carrefully).

it’s a mid term game killer and a boost for boting.

Let me be clear, this change is totally dangerous for the game with actual state of the game : Perma cloacking , free intel (from map), reduction of all anom, the fact you can kill a ship in few sec by dropping 200 bomber …

Actually live in HS and farm abyss will be more rentable. WH who are less dangerous than 0.0 will offer a lot better reward (remimber you could collapse you’re entrance).

So few time after you’re buff a lot of people will ba happy of this change for … 1 month maybe 2 . After the people will start to cry : Big bloc willl have some systeme with perfect protection (and no pvp involved in this just 1 alt ready to collect). Smaller entity will try to do same, and so it will cost more in proporition to they.

All change you make since blackout are very short term change.
-Blackout ; hope people will reconect to have mass kill => less target, less hunter game collapse
-Cyno : Make people have one more account => semi succes . I have see less big toy in space personnaly after but maybe people just quit after blackout.
-Attrition: Yes more value to ship eve so fleet loss count again … But you increase the cost of ship for totally new player, so you try to recall old player to win more money faster than new player income. More over players with a lot of ressources could just refuse to undock hide ressources and live for yeas of attrition if they want and newbro will not catch they.=> Fail on long term.
SupercapNerf number XX: Ok so now bomber could blast super super fast … less super are farming less target … the thing who make hype is the coming war (who is not in relation with you"re attrition things … a major war will have happen soon in all case). But after this war what will happen ? less and less target … so i can’t wait to see the failcacasde of hunter number.
Asset safety change : Apply it to old player will just make a lot will just not come back to the game to start again from ash. long term fail.

ESS permanent : Do you remimber black out ? Same effect but with less importance.

You want more fight in 0.0 and less bot. Do the exact opposite of what you are actually doing. It’s same as war on Hi sec. If people can’t have any luck to defend theymselfs they will just stop the game.
-Remover perma cloack (it’s not the counter of local, local is counter by free intel on map).
-Increase massively EHP of Battleship to make subcap ratting could play again and not be “tackled die noob before reinforce arrive”.

  • Increase super EHP, give back precision to super carrier (no ewar drone if you want). Why ? Beacause other case you will have less and less in space, less target. More over super ares a lot less agressive than perma cloacky bomber who could teleport 200 other bomber.
    -Stop you’re cyno nerf, you do’nt want they on cap ? OK allow they on all battleship BS size and BC N°3 of each faction. It will incrase the use of this ship during battle. (Heavy dictor with cyno to).
    -Cloacky ship can’t be cloack and have a covert cyno in same time.

Yes it will make “0.0 safer” BUT ans read the but carrefully CCP : more pey , means more predator so more player.

How to make mechanics to drive to a war :
-Give advantage to some region and only this region.

  • Region attrition of ressource to force people move (-50% belt size, +100% anom respawn time max)
    -The alliance receive money from concord (or ressources let s see) in compraison of the territory they occup (TCU not ihub), so it give interest to take more territory.
    -Nearest you are from 0.0 npc in LY more you have isk reward for PVE (increase bounty max 100% than actual, min 50% of actual). For miningbelt sizz incrase to +50 to -20 %.
    -Moon ore become regional gain.
    -Increase yield of mining barge/venture to make farming in subcap more interesting.
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You haven’t underqstand the purpose of the post. COngratz.

in WH you can control entrance, you can’t befdrop by 200 bomber by surprise, you’re stat are not know.
Yes a lot more safer.

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no it is not, 00 is safer than hs,is the safest place on new eden , stop spreading lies


I understood it. It’s more farmer whining about how farming needs to be buffed and PvP threats need to be removed. It’s the exact opposite of what we need: more PvP risks in nullsec, and severe nerfs to the availability of PvE content so that alliances either conquer their neighbors or die in poverty.


Which is why WHs suck.

In nullsec people will sometimes randomly gift you with 200 bomber killmails and you don’t even have to go anywhere to get them.

In WHs you have to work and hide your ships and hope someone falls into a trap, or is even logged in at all to see your bait. And even then you’re unlikely to get to have that many suicides gifted to you at once.

In short: buff WHs by allowing covert cynos.

But the trapping thing is what makes wormholes so fun in the first place. I’ve spent plenty of time in null and even more time in wormholes, and the quality of the kills you get in wormholes is generally much higher. I’d rather spend a day lying in wait to kill one nicely-geared PvE boat that can drop some faction stuff, than get a bunch of generically-fitted frigate kill mails from a completely consensual fight.

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If you are in farming ship you will die before do anithing they will cloack and exit.
If you farm in smaller you will egt a T3 drop and die boefore you friend arrive .

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So how about, instead of flying a farming ship like an idiot, you fly 2-3 buffer tank fitted PvP ships with a cyno alt cloaked nearby to bring in a counter-drop?

(The answer, of course, is that you’re incapable of doing anything that would reduce the farming ISK/hour that you feel entitled to.)


Sounds like you’re not properly prepared.

I’ve done quite a bit of wormhole “farming” (the most of any other PvE I’ve done in the game, actually), and I only ever lost…one ship, I think? There are many precautions you can take. If you’re aware of what’s going on around you, the only realistic way you can get tackled is via stealth bomber, and those things aren’t exactly known for their staying power.


YOu could have 200 titan ready to jump, 200 bomber eat you faster than you could jump to save (unless rorqual).

in 0.0 the bomber tacle tyou 200 of his friend appear you are dead before reinforce jump or wapr. Congrats. to proof youd o’nt know how 0.0 work.
And if you answer farm in group : Do’nt work in 0.0 , not same anom than WH. If anom will be dofferent yes, but it’s not the case.

So you just proof what i said : Problem are perma cloacky ship in 0.0 actually. if you change thing they are fine. Buit not now.

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Oh, you were talking about null-sec and not wormholes? Well, I’ve never lost a ship ratting in null. I don’t see how anyone could, really, since you get to know exactly who’s in the system with you.

Sounds like you’re one of those “set it and forget it” people who go AFK while the drones from their Ishtars do all the work.


you could if a perma cloack is here wsith 200 friend actually.
So add the ESS thing and people will just stop try farming. And you will have less target, less target means less hunter … it’s like Blackout you know.

What’s stopping you from getting 200 friends to help you out?

This fantasy world you’ve created seems to have these 200 people just wasting their lives doing nothing but cloaky camping and waiting for a cyno 24/7.


{citation needed}

Bomber decloaks, your own bomber decloaks in response. Cyno goes up, your own cyno immediately goes up in response. Both fleets arrive within a second or two of each other. You can’t even lock a target that fast.

(BTW, since the farming ship was already aligned out and traveling at full speed it insta-warps as soon as the hostile bomber begins to decloak and is not destroyed.)

And if you answer farm in group : Do’nt work in 0.0

Nonsense. It works fine, renter trash and RMT botters are just too lazy and entitled to ever do it.

people will just stop try farming.

No. RMTers and renter trash will stop farming, because they are incapable of overcoming adversity. Strong and competent alliances will continue farming because they are able to fight back and defend their operations.