Encountered an error while refreshing token for all my accounts

Went to login after DT keep getting the encountered an error while refrreshing token on all my accounts.

I unpinned all my accounts and re pinned them and now i can log in.

Same here.
I restarted. Logged off and on to the client. Cleared my cache. Eventually it just worked.

Keep trying.

If you would have read yesterdays notice about todays downtime, you would have known that the SSO server was getting maintenance today and waited for the 30 that were announced it would take.

The downtime info should be in big bright letters on the launcher! I should not need to start googling forums to find out WTF went wrong this time.

че за хуйня??? че с сервером???

10 minute Warp Tunnel, so bad had to ctrl-alt-delete to get out of game. Then re-log, token issue. what gives?

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