Encountering crashes, freezes or other stability issues, please try this

When running EVE Online on a Mac any performance or stability issues may improve with some alterations to the default settings, found in the in-game settings menu. Try using the following settings:

Windowed or Fullscreen: Window mode
Window size: 1920x1080 (or lower)
Shader Quality: Medium

There are some launcher settings which should also be selected to ensure optimum performance and stability for the client. On the Launcher go to EVE Launcher -> Preferences… and select the following:

Make sure “Version type” is set to Release
Check “Download everything” (recommended)
“Thread count for resource download in client” should be set to default

Under Wine options:

  • “Use dev versions” should be unchecked
  • Dev branch should be ccp-master
  • “Wine version” should be Latest
  • WINEDEBUG should be blank
  • Uncheck Retina mode
  • Set Video memory to “Auto detect”

If you find your performance degrades over longer game-play sessions it is advised that you find a safe spot to logout and restart the client.

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