OSX: Experimental WINE Settings

While we wait (Soon™) for CCP to get back to us on the relative Wine instability for OSX, I thought I’d share a few things I’ve embarked upon to hopefully address and resolve the frequent crashes and unexplained lockups when docking, undocking or jumping gates.

Here are the graphics settings I’m using in EVE for multiple clients (I’m averaging between 50-55 FPS across all 3):

□ Trails
□ GPU Particles
□ Resource Cache Enabled
Anti-Aliasing ◁ Disabled
Post Processing ◁ Low
Shader Quality ◁ Medium
Texture Quality ◁ High
LOD Quality ◁ Medium
Shadow Quality ◁ Disabled

To go beyond this in an attempt to fix any underlying instability issues, you’ll need access to Terminal to run these commands:

cd /Users//Library/Application\ Support/EVE\ Online/p_drive/Local\ Settings/Application\ Data/CCP/EVE/SharedCache/wine
pico -w settings.reg

You’ll want to add one or more of the various line options listed here. You can get the VideoPCIDeviceID and VideoPCIVendorID from About This Mac » System Report » Graphics. I’ve also read that changing the FixedVShaderLimit to 275 also works. The settings you want to change is between the =" " marks at the end.

When done, save the file by pressing Control-O and overwrite to save.


[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Wine\Mac Driver]

Next, we want to change the permissions on this so the EVE Launcher doesn’t undo our hard efforts. Run this final command:

chmod 444 settings.reg

Note that if you choose to re-edit the settings.reg file you’ll need to change the permissions back temporarily with this command:

chmod 644 settings.reg

Disclaimer: I assume no responsibility for anything you screw up, but this has been (and continues to be) tested on my end.

One other thing I wanted to mention in passing. It’s a good idea to run your Activity Monitor in the background because when EVE locks up and you’re relegated to Force Quit the applications some of the processes keep running in the background (I found several running in excess of 50% CPU each).

In addition, it might help to open the CPU Usage, CPU History and GPU History windows to determine at what point things go haywire.

I fell short here, I doubt a value like “Intel” is accurate? My device ID is “Ox0a2e” but the only other hex is Revision ID.


Did you guys tried to run EVE on MoltenVK, using DXVK to convert DX11 to Vulkan to Metal?

Might be worth it really. DXVK increase performance a lot for Linux gamers, like up to 100% gain for DX11 EVE and lower CPU usage). MacOS don’t support that API but MoltenVK is now free so you can use that to run the vulkanized EVE on your Mac. It might really run faster than the deprecated old version of OpenGL one (that Apple is killing anyway).

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