↘ Endless Crew - 0.0 Sov Warfare - Looking for Corps

:arrow_lower_right:About Us:
Endless Crew is a PvP Oriented Alliance looking to bolster it’s numbers. We currently own space out in Detorid and are looking for corporations interested in the wealth nullsec has to offer. Endless Crew has a focus on Capital Ship Engagements and base out of both Lowsec and Nullsec.

English as a primary language.
US or EU Timezones
At least 10 active pilots on your killboard (With a positive K:D Ratio)
Industry corporations are considered if pilots are active pvpers
Skillpoints are not an issue but focus on capital ships are a must

:arrow_lower_right:What you get out of it:
You like pew pewing enemies? Got you covered
You like making tons of isk? Got you covered
You like Capital warfare? Got you covered
You like mindless grinding of timers? Well… neither do we but we got you covered there too.

If you are looking to expand out into nullsec, have active pilots in your corporation and want to get in on what nullsec bloc warfare has to offer… Join us in “ECREW_Public” or you can reach out to Vanir Tsero. We also have a lowsec presence so if smaller gang is more your jam, we got you.

You know u want to


Bump - Still looking for active corporations looking to make the jump to nullsec

Still looking for corps looking to get out into nullsec.
It doesn’t matter the total number of members you have. As long as you have at least 10 active pilots, we’re interested. Stop by and let’s chat.

Bump due to update in sov holding and more information on our lowsec presence.

Bump as we continue to look for active corporations to fill our ranks

To the top! Always looking for active corps to add to our numbers.

Bumping. We’re currently looking for pvp minded corporations to join us in our lowsec operations.

Bump for pvpers :wink:

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