👽 EndlessRain is a corp with VERY FEW BLUES and wants you for some shenanigans [EU/US] -Broken Chains Alliance-

Happy New Year! :partying_face:

Up we go

Still hiring :ok_hand:

Up up up!

Want a cookie? :sparkling_heart:


Up we go!


o7 Bring this thing back up

up we go!

Recruitment still open!

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Finally out of jail :slight_smile:
Yours truly have been on an intensive counting class the last few days and should be able to count to at least 24 going forward.

However, time will show…!

It says 1 day, so it should be okay…?

Still recruiting the best from New Eden o7

Open for business :slight_smile:

Still recruiting o7

Wanna shoot ppl?
Please come this way o7

Still recruiting