Engineering links

Another quick one , engineering links with options to either increase cap capacity , cap recharge rate or void bomb resistance.


I do not know of any void bomb resistances.

Would probably affect capital fittings/balance a great deal. Already many of them revolve around cap management. This would, therefore, have to involve a great deal of forethought into balancing capitals.

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the amarr titan bonuses cap and while sure it means you need a titan it doesn’t make them to much stronger.

however the real problem with this comes when you add in WH space where we already have a problem with capitals and capacitor. unlike K-space groups don’t get big enough.

do batteries work on them?

so in Wh space there is a issue with capitals invincible to neuts ?
I was directing this more towards sub cap support in all honesty

3200s broke ■■■■

irrelevant special cases should be kept to a minimum. a line of boosts that only work on sub caps is not worth adding one

I think for certain fleet types this could be a useful addition , At the moment laser bs fleets are not very popular due to cap issues especially when fighting on structures, a change like this could help in some small way to make these types of fleets more workable

… that’s not true at all lasers are used in fleets and you will have to explain why you singled out structure fights.

even if that was the case it would be better to fix those ship not go round about and add this. i pointed out problems this would cause in wh and mentioned that they could cause issues in k-space as well.

Most big fights at the moment are fought with arty or rail bs platforms , ravens on occasion will make an appearance . Test also do use nightmares but do struggle with cap issues. The Rohk can also suffer from this as well I have discovered

Structures are where most big fights occurs these days in case you didn’t know.

Laser ships don’t need fixing this idea is just add options for fleets that rely on energy or hybrids.

you realize you contradicted yourself right?

also its not cap that is the reason those two weapon systems you listed are used so much they are the best at two key things in large fights. alpha and range.

Do you agree that energy and hybrids can have cap issues during fights ?

That is by design. It’s their drawback.

yeah and missiles do delayed damage and projectiles have bad tracking?

all weapons have a bunch of pros and cons its balance and working as intended

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