If the ships’ sublight engines aren’t conventional rockets (since they seem to have endless fuel) what are they?

Only fuelless way of travelling at present. And it’s still unproven

What’s rather interesting about that presentation by a player(albeit a very well respected player), is that it actively contradicts previously CCP written lore.

So I still consider the majority of the presentation, and the parts that were published in Frigates of EVE(which is primarily an art book and not a lore book) as, Player Fiction with its own set of issues

The book CCP have written later with ship shematics included this theory tho.

There is no better than whats in this presentation coming out.

I did indeed mention Frigates of EVE in my comment.

Everyone seems to have different idea. I think for science fiction you better dont go into such details because you will eventually get a technobabble.

Better keep into militaristic themes, or sociology, or effects of FTL traven instead.

Previous books, which were lore specific, such as Templar One and others actually give specifications about certain ships, such as the Wyvern, and the drive section in the back is indeed an engine array. As are others. It doesn’t dive into specifics but as lore first type books, instead of art first type books, I’ll take that more readily.

The gameplay in no way reflects any physical world anyway. So I think everything goes ultimately. :woman_mage:

And CCP contradicted themselves many times.

You are setting one fctional idea against another fictional idea and both are as much fictional as they can get. Some people will prefer an image instead of 1000 words.

So the warp and jump drives kind of “rotate” the ship into and out of an alternate 4D spacetime region where relativity doesn’t apply so it can go superluminal?

You have to get somehow that ship past the Einstein’s cleverness.

They look like a higlhy developed and efficient family of Ion thrusters to me.


They requiere fuel, but neglictible in m3 terms for the behemots we are operating, and in cost for the ubermillionaire that even the poorest capsuleer is.

Based on that one video, the lore apparently says that they effectively create a gravity well that the ship is locked into, and they move by moving the gravity well.

One flaw in my hypothesis is that if it is indeed a gravity well, other objects should be strongly attracted to the ship.

Its more of a … quantum lock to the local or nearest gravity Well. One of the few parts of the presentation I Didn’t find too egrigious.

I love Max Singularity and I think he’s a brilliant man, but I very much do think he tried to hard to explain many things that were explained by a few devs to just be well… Game mechanics. And created an entire slew of other problems in so doing where most of his attempts to explain things fall apart under cursory inspection beyond surface.

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So it’s more like the ship somehow locks its position relative to the nearest gravity well?

The video explained that the “rocket nozzles” are actually heat exhaust ports that provide no thrust on their own. The PEG does all the work of translating the ship in space relative to the nearest gravity well.

Einstein is close to being obsolete.

which conflicts with other lore sources, EVE’s lore is a giant mess at times