The IRL books of the best spaceship game

Oï !

I am now the proud owner of the EVE : Source book, and it’s a marvel for me, even if it’s technically not up to date. I have yet to finish it, however since getting one to my country take quite some times, I’m searching for new books to read on our great universe !

I’ve taken a look at what is available on the market, and for now the that stand out the most are Frigates of EVE and Empires of EVE. I would like to know, are those books as big (and interesting) as EVE : Source ?

Another question, is Frigates of EVE a gathering of pictures and blueprints concerning the frigates of eve online, or stories around their construction and more advanced lore parts ?

My last question : are Templar One and Empyrean Age good books, and is there a read order to respect ?

Thanks in advance ?

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Hey there, Sasha!

Source is a gem! Frigates of EVE is likewise fun. It has schematics, design backstory, general information about the navies of New Eden, and a lot of anecdotes, along with a story about a Sisters of EVE exploratory crew. I definitely recommend it. Empires of EVE, meanwhile, covers the player history of the early EVE period. The author did a phenomenal job, so I do recommend it, but it may not be your first move if your main focus is on lore and backstory.

That said, Templar One and the Empyrean Age are not well-loved books. TEA came before T1, so I’d read in that order, but the author, uh, writes with broad strokes, shall we say?

Also, you might check out the Burning Life. It’s a leisurely tour of New Eden, touching on a lot of the major factions. It’s not necessarily the most dashing or engaging story, but it gives you a pretty good feel of the various factions and how they appear to a visitor.

That said, I’d be happy to answer any questions you have! Also, check out Teinyhr’s excellent lore compendium thread. It has a lot of references you might find interesting. :3


Thank you, lore friend ! I’ll check out the frigates of EVE and maybe Burning Life, if it can gives me more informations on New Eden factions with Source :slight_smile:

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I actually quite enjoyed empyrean age, it was cool to see the eve universe from the perspective of baseliners, also I have a bit of a soft-spot for plucky underdog crews who are caught up in the machinations of people far more powerful for them to ever fight. so I may be a bit biased.
That being said, its hardly a masterpiece, but its still an enjoyable read.

Templar 1 was… odd… it continues on the story which is nice and all, and there is some REALLY interesting lore stuff in there. but the story itself is just bad, and it is so obviously a dust 514 tie in that it honestly gets a bit distracting, especially since that game isn’t even around anymore. also the audio-book has this weird thing where the word “battlecruiser” gets repeated twice every time it shows up. I believe this may have actually been a misprint in the original book that when read is easy enough to gloss past, but when listening to the recording it is super glaring and jaring.
If your interested in drifter/sleeper lore, then its worth a read for that alone. but otherwise your not missing much if you give it a pass.

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