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I’ve searching for Eve books and found that Tony Gonzalez wrote the “The Empyrean Age”, " Templar One" and " The Tabit Genesis".
Theres also the the book “The Empires of Eve” by Andrew Groen. But my question is anyone here has read those books and wich order I should read? And the books from the Tony are related with the one wrote by the Andrew?


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You should read : 1) The Empyrean Age, 2) Templar One, as some of the characters from the first return in the other book.
I haven’t read the last book from Tony Gonzalez, since I was not too impressed with Templar One.


I’ve only read Empyrean Age. It was okay, not great but a fairly decent read. I don’t expect really good writing from a video game IP - it’s just to get a little more immersion in the lore of the game world.

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Thank you Morkus!

Thank you Kezrai!

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