Another Reading Recommendation for the Children of New Eden

(Bvlgari Tarkov) #1

Greetings Fellow Capsuleers,

This week’s reading recommendation is, interestingly enough, less of a reading recommendation and more of a viewing recommendation, as it is an art book…and a fantastic one at that. In this book (the first of its kind) is classic EVE Online on full display as it stood several years ago. There is something to be said for the classic, much simpler, yet charming artwork from a time come and gone. Enjoy!

(FlipMoe Squad) #2

Empryean Age by Tony Gonzalez is a great book also…the lore novels have been a nice treat. The broker FTW

(Bvlgari Tarkov) #3

Completely agree, and you beat me to it. My next recommendation post will be that book so stay tuned.

(FlipMoe Squad) #4

is it a series or …I read it yrs ago. I seem to remember the Heth series and one where the captain gets a drake at th end…and the name taken by a wh alliance of some repute…don’t know their staus now…Isogen 5 …Reread time

(Bvlgari Tarkov) #5

It sure is. It’s called the “EVE Series” and is, at present, comprised of The Empyrean Age, The Burning Life, and Templar One.

(FlipMoe Squad) #6

right Templar 1 was the intro novel to dust