ENSLAVE. NEW HOME! Recruiting Zero sec PVP and industrial Pilots in a social, no pressure environment

Enslave. a PVP, industrial and Exploration corp is recruiting

  • Zero sec: Great for all multitude of isk making, production and end game PVP
  • Be part of a friendly helpful alliance with it’s own sov space
  • We are a none elitist. social corp and alliance: we treat everyone equally
  • Mining, industry, exploration anoms you decide how you want to make ISK
  • Regular PVP gangs - HAVE fun a stones throw away! Plenty of choice from corp, alliance and coalition fleets,
  • Great place for casual players and fully committed EVE Online warriors!
  • team based decision making. Have your say!
  • Community based Doctrine ship programmes

Check out our Killboard

Do you want a place to grow as a capsular? Be part of a community of like minded people? if so…

Talk to Raven Hyperbollic (EU) or Priest Valton or Join Enslave Public in game now!

Still looking for more pvpers to go hunt our zero sec friends. Need more!

To the top pvpers rejoice in small gang pvp!

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