Enslave. Small Gang 0.0 PVP Corp

(Lord Nohman) #1

Enslave. has opened its doors. Check out our website:


We are looking for Active, Experienced PvPs across US/EU timezone. Newer players will also be accepted depending on previous experience/attitude and how they can fit into fleets. What we dont want is to have people join and then not be able to partake :slight_smile:

Enslave is an active, PvP focused, NPC Null Corp currently living in the Curse, this provides us easy access to kills without the annoyance of holding Sov.

PVP is mostly small gang 5/10people but hoping to get this number up to 20.

What we offer you:

Regular PvP fleets across multiple time zones. (19:00 - 04:00)
JF services from JITA
A wide variety of PvP content
Isk making opportunities
Opportunities to develop as an FC
Mature and friendly environment (mostly)

What we expect from you:

PvP experience is a must, no exceptions.
Members to be mostly self sufficient
Willingness to participate
Bare minimum of 20m skill points, exceptions are possible on a case by case basis.
Full API Keys, this is non-negotiable.

All the above sound good then do the following-

Contact: Lord Nohman
Ingame Channel: Enslave Public

201.6m SP player looking for new home
Looking for PVP
Old Man Returning
96.8M sp + 2 Alts
(Pin Fadin) #2

Spoke to a guy today, these guys seem pretty good.

(Lunarra) #3

sweet peas!

(Lord Nohman) #4

Bump this up need some pilots

(Raven Hyperbollic) #5

We’re still looking for more pvpers to join our gangs!

(Raiden Atram) #6

Enslave always manages to draw me back, had some time away with different corps and alliances but nothing compares.

Come and take a trial run and see how you get on

(Raiden Atram) #7

Bump, can also contact me for recruitment

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(Raiden Atram) #9


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(Pin Fadin) #11

friendly bump for a good bunch

(Slain'Te) #12

I approve :slight_smile:

(Raiden Atram) #13

Come talk to us in enslave pub

(Raiden Atram) #14

Come talk to us in enslave pup

(Slain'Te) #15

Sun is shining, sky is blue… beautiful day!