ENSLAVE. - Recruiting Zero sec PVP and industrial Pilots in a social, no pressure environment

Enslave. a PVP, industrial and Exploration corp is recruiting

  • Zero sec: Great for all multitude of isk making, production and end game PVP
  • Be part of a friendly helpful alliance with it’s own sov space
  • We are a none elitist. social corp and alliance: we treat everyone equally
  • Mining, industry, exploration anoms you decide how you want to make ISK
  • Regular PVP gangs - HAVE fun a stones throw away! Plenty of choice from corp, alliance and coalition fleets,
  • Great place for casual players and fully committed EVE Online warriors!
  • team based decision making. Have your say!
  • Community based Doctrine ship programmes

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Do you want a place to grow as a capsular? Be part of a community of like minded people? if so…

Talk to Raven Hyperbollic (EU) or Priest Valton or Join Enslave Public in game now!