Entelechy - Nullsec/PvP/Alliance Warfare

Dotlan: http://evemaps.dotlan.net/corp/Entelechy

(Disclaimer: This is a Providence corp. We all believe in the NRDS cause and are willing to fight for it. You should be too. If not, stop reading and go look at someone else’s recruitment post)

-Access to Nullsec P.I./Mining & Ratting
-We will supply ships to get blown up with so you can get better
-Small gang roams at every opportunity
-Alliance Warfare (Come get big booms)
-Buyback: we’ll buy the loot/ore so you don’t have to move it
-Industrialists welcome (be prepared to defend your home)
-Newbro/Alpha friendly
-Members currently CST/EST time zone
-Discord for voice comms & out-of-game banter
-Public Channel: 3nt Recruits
-Recruiters: Workuvarts, Valenar, Ty Averone, Aelexios

Some background:
Our Founder, Seto Aeom, started with the basics: get something small, get blown up, repeat until you blow other things up more. We plan to carry on with this formula, but with an important change: blow more things up for the cause.

Entelechy began with the mindset of staying banner-less; wayward souls living where we see fit with no obligations to anyone but ourselves. This mindset drove us to abandon Providence when PL invaded. We made the easy, hasty choice…. the foolish choice looking back.

We tried our hand at SOV and failed miserably; we just were not prepared. We said to ourselves, “Let’s try wormhole life, it must be fun!!” but the call of Nullsec was just too strong. Soon we found ourselves yearning to go home, back to Providence.

No longer will we abandon our home when overwhelming force knocks on the door, no longer will we shrug at the jokes made at her expense. We will stand and fight for her and NRDS because it’s what we believe in and it will be hard fought. Nothing easily gained is worth gaining; Providence will not be easy.

Join us and let’s fight for her together.

Still out here with all the punch and pie…need some friends!!

Still recruiting! Some more info about us below
Our Mission (and yours should you join): Make Providence Great Again

Who we’re looking for:

  • PvP Pilots; exp preferred, not req’d
  • New players; you are Eve’s future, let’s make it a good one
  • Returning Players; Welcome back! Let’s get you back into things
  • Alpha pilots; There’s always a place for you with us

What we offer:
– Access to Nullsec PI/Mining and Ratting
– Fit ships so you can pvp, mine, or rat!
– Small gang roams
– Clear Corp rank structure
– Loot/Ore Buyback
– Active members in CST/EST timezones (a few in EU)
– Laid-back, fun group atmosphere

Come get to know us: http://discord.gg/vY7VZzQ
*Full API required for final acceptance

Awaiting the pod:

Still Recruiting :sunglasses:

Still Recruiting!

The SOV warfare is kicking up! Glory be to Mother Provi and the underdogs!


Still recruiting! Bring your PvP bros and let’s have some fun.

Hit us up in 3nt Recruits or in-game mail Ty Averone or Aelexios

Still here. Still Recruiting. Here’s a pointless picture of a Talwar:

Still Making Provi Great Again!!! Message me in-game for deets

RIP Ferox

Thought we’d give up that easy? Nah, PL’s hair is stupid so we’re still recruiting.
Convo me in-game for pro tips on how to have fun in Eve against overwhelmingly stupid odds.

“PL has everything, what should we do boss?”

Still here, still recruiting.

Looking for those Dread/FAX pilots that want a good cause or are looking for some training.

No catchy jib-jab tonight. Bump, bump.

Still recruiting. Come get your content.

Growing crazy fast- we are like Eve Uni with lots of drinking on comms.

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