[ENTER] English speaking alliance seeking Industrial Corps looking for a home to settle in with plans of expanding to Null Sec

Enter Sandman is a new Alliance, founded by yours truly. We currently reside in a high sec island, setting up a industrial backbone to support near future expansion to a Null Sec pocket nearby.

I am a long time player of EVE that has been on and off and is interested in helping people get started and situated in the game so they can enjoy it in all the ways I know how!

If your corp is interested in learning all the fundamentals of the game and then expanding to discover a new world of content then perhaps this alliance is for you!

Currently we offer a safe System to mine and produce and learn things like PI in, with a active Discord community and tons of people to play with and talk to. We are currently setting up our first moon mining and various structures. I have plans for expansion which will guarantee content for everyone once I feel the Alliance is ready.

Requirements are to speak some form of English (it doesn’t have to be perfect), not to create drama, and be semi active with some Alliance based contribution.

The Corp The Dreamcatchers is also recruiting if any players are interested in joining the Alliance as an individual.

Closed at the request of the OP.

Fly safe o7

ISD bahamut