Entering lowsec plexes with kiting ships?

How do you enter plexes with a kiting ship? I find I instantly get scrammed and webbed if I’m playing against a brawler.

Here’s an attempt by me trying to enter a plex with a kiting tristan.


You know the ship you will face and you can get a good idea what you might face fit wise…you then know how that match-up normally fairs.

Pick your fights wisely…

Is it not possible to get outside scram range when entering plexes with a kiting ship?

The acceleration gate will always drop you in the same place.

But using MWD in a certain way can’t get you outside of scram range?

You might be able to but that MWD will also really help your enemy lock you. Catch-22 there…

If you have the skill and experience then you might be right that you could get out far enough…but I stick to my first post; when the odds are already against you, why would you bother?

Because I’m bored of finding fights in lowsec.

Well there is that reason…

Also remember that if the enemy isn’t a muppet and you do get by him into kiting range, most likely they will just bugger off too as now they lost their advantage…

Maybe you should try NS as you might have outgrown FW pee-a-boo…

Isn’t that even more dead and empty where it’s hard to find fights in solo pvp?

Only if they screw up :frowning:

I don’t venture there often but from what I gather it’s much easier now with local down…

If you REALLY want PvP then why not RvB if that’s still a thing…

Here’s how to do it.
1 preheat your mwd.
2 immediately when you come out of warp in the plex hit the + button and fire the heated mwd. Do NOT start by hitting orbit. You need that straight line velocity to carry you through a scram and web.
3 as you are doing this lock, point, and begin shooting your target
4 be ready to turn mwd back on because you are likely to be scrammed but should coast out unless you’ve chosen to engage a daredevil or another mwd fit ship.
5 once out of scram range TURN OFF HEAT, set orbit and wait for them to die.
You will still get caught sometimes.
In your video you made it to 11k which is far enough that a t2 scram, even heated, would’ve dropped. Either they used an abyssal or faction scram. If they were t2 fit you would’ve gotten away.


This is a good method but not guaranteed to work. If they use a sensor upgrade like many Comets use, or have high base sensor strength they can scram you before you get enough speed to break out. They can also burn in whatever direction you choose as your escape vector if they are fast enough, thus raising the range necessary for you to breakaway from their killzone.

It’s still valid advice but there’s always a risk in that maneuver.

It does indeed still carry risk, but it’s the method i’ve had the most success with. I do it in a paper thin 5k/s condor. I still lose them sometimes, but i had one make it to 10 kills before it blew up.

wrong information inside

base signature radius is taken for lock time calculation, mwd doesn’t change anything

and it’s not like you’d burn out of scram range propless anyway

Source? I always thought MWD affected sig radius which affected lock time.

From reading this thread I basically get the impression that I never want to enter plexes unless I know I counter them, meaning that other people do the same thus waiting in plexes will take longer to find fights compared to finding & entering plexes, and the only people that enter the plex will be the ones that counter you.

Sorry my friend but I hate to tell you that MWD have a Sig Radius modifier of 500%. Here is the formula:


You light that bad boy up and you instantly become a lot easier to target…or quicker I should say.

A Rokh locking on a Atron takes (on paper) 29.5 seconds but if the Atron lights his MWD that time drops to 14.6 seconds…basically the Atron now looks as big as a battlecruiser…

FYI shield extenders also make it quick to be locked…

Overheat your mwd so you go aty least 5k m/s or better yet 6-7. Say a prayer to your favorite deity and be on the ball flying away from them (keep at range 20k+ works well).

The faster you go, the more often it’ll work. Yes, snakes are realllly oppressive… So fly with them.

No way man, I enter plex all the time. You can too.