Entropic disintegrator blueprints cost

Hi, I made a contract selling blueprints of entropic desintegratos of diverse types, but honestly idk how much should i set to that blueprints, market cost round 80-250m for that in contracts, and i cant sellit by market so, how much isk should people pay for that?

I’ll give you 10 isk for the whole lot of them.

Your contract is very much overpriced and no one will accept it. A lot of Abyssal BPCs are literally worthless, sadly.

The value of a BPC is determined by the margin between input material costs+build costs and the sell value of the finished product. You can estimate this by right-clicking on the BPC and select “View in Industry”.

For example the “Light Scoped Entropic Disintegrator”: This sells for around 28.9 M in Jita atm. But you need to buy materials for 25.54 M to actually build it. If you are in Jita, do “View in Industry”, right-click on the circle to the left of the BPC and select “Buy all”. This will give you an overview of current prices for the input materials (you can still abort, don’t worry).

Meaning the inner value of the BPC is around 3.36 M. Minus build costs, broker fees, and Sales Tax. Let’s say 6%:

3.36 x 0.94 = 3.15 M

But this inner value is not guaranteed. If you are unlucky, other traders constantly undercut your price and you have to lower the price multiple times, costing you broker fees each time. Some traders will only buy BPCs if they can make a profit by directly selling the finished product into existing buy orders. Current buy orders are at 20.84 M, meaning you cannot build this with immediate profit.

Some of the BPCs even have a negative inner value, either because the demand for the item is very low or it can also be found as finished item. For example the Heavy Compact Entropic Disintegrator. Very low demand, sometimes only 3 per day in Jita. Buy orders around 9 M, material costs 38.3 M. This BPC is totally worthless.

Oh, and two more hints:

  1. Such contracts are only traded in the major trade hubs like Jita and Amarr. If you set it up in some other system, most people will not bother with it.

  2. If you are in Jita or Amarr you can easily build and sell the item(s) yourself. If you see a potential profit, just buy all the materials, build and sell it.

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show info , find in contracts , shows what other players are selling for . you’ll have to be below that if you want to sell yours .

Sell the normal T1 BPCs in single contracts, around the value that other BPCs are in the contracts. They will sell over time for a fair market price.

For all the named ones, wait until you have like 5 or 10 of them and make a bulk-contract, undercutting the price/unit of the usual contracts. You will make less money overall but sell them much faster.

Faction BPCs don’t sell at all, build the Faction Disintegrator and sell that.

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