Epic Arcs Speedrun

Hello !

I did the Arcs 2 times already, but im a standing addict, lol !
So i want to run these Empire Arcs really fast next time. I was using a dominix before and it was horrible… Since that time, i have trained for every guns and a lot of ships, nearly everything usefull to V really.

I’m looking for advices for a ship/fit with a good warp speed and a lot of DPS. I was thinking about rattlesnake (with warp speed rigs & i-stabs, lol), or maybe a cynabal but im not sure about the sig tanking. I know that the loki is great too, but i dont have the skills for it, I trained for the proteus years ago…(T_T). Maybe the machariel too, but is it strong enough for the end of gallente arc?

I’m using this website which is quite clear but a bit outdated for the damage types sometimes.
Also eve survival, but its a lot of informations i dont need. I remember that only the end of the gallente arc is really hard.

So please suggest some ships or tips to rush this efficientlly.

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if you really want to go fast : you need to have several ships ready in several spots and go from one to the other in eg an inty.

IIRC amarr, matar and caldari epics have basically 3 “main” spots in which you can place a fast and hard-hitting BS.
I tried with a machariel but it lacks some DPS, especially in the gallente and caldari arc ; and it lacks tank for the gallente and amarr ecpics.

More important : each epic has choices that make it faster to run. eg selecting the NS mission for caldari allows you to only do 2 real combat missions, the first and the last one, with a little combat involved in the mission after meet syna IIRC, making it one of the fastest epic besides soe.

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Thanks for the advices !

Yeah, I will definitively place ships at the right spots before running. Im doing an excel with all the informations i need from these 2 websites.

I’ll use a dramiel for the moving/courrier/easy missions. When needed i’ll have a machariel not too far to do the combat missions, and for the really hard combat missions (Studio one & Showtime from the gallente arc) i’ll use a Rattlesnake with cruise missiles and double shield booster.

For the Caldari arc, i will try the nullsec route, but im not sure its worth it cause there is a long trip (30jumps). So i’ll have an interceptor for that. And for the last mission, i’ll choose “Home In Peace” which is a lowsec courrier instead of hard combat mission, we’ll see if its quick. There’s some missing information for this arc about destinations so maybe its random sometimes.

Anyway my first run wont be really fast i suppose, but i will gather the informations I need for the perfect rush/fittings. I guess i’ll loose a lot of dramiels trying to rush some BS missions, lol.

The hard combat mission is really not that hard. One golem can tank the whole room easily.
The secret ? Use a pithum x-type kinetic deflection field. natural kientic resist of the golem + deadspace resist make it super tanky in this region.
With that, you can use a pith a-type medium SB.
With a x-type kinetic + T2 invul +DC II + bastion I have 91.28% kinetic resist. That means my shield booster is 11 times as good as with 0 resists. the SB gives 200 hp/s so 2200 ehp/s. add any SBA to give +35% ehp/s minimum, reaching 3k EHP/s.

On the opposite, the last two missions of the gallente epic have various damage types, and various optimal range for the rats. eg the tempest will be optimal 80km IIRC and shoot em, kin, expl (EMP ammo) ; while the megas will go 10km optimal, with a MWD, and shred you with void L. Which makes those missions very interesting, but maybe not the most “blitzable” ones.

Yeah i agree its not too hard, i meant long, hell i did it with a T2 dominix !
But i dont want to put too much bling, those ships will stay were they are forever. If i have to bling something it will probably be the damage, maybe for the next run, when i’ll have better knowledge of the blitzing. Also i dont fly any marauders, i dont like them.

The problem is also the choice missions. I have picked the most likely to be blitzed with eve survival, but in fact i dont really know which is faster. I have found another site for that: http://lorebook.eve-inspiracy.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1:cosmos-epicarc-guides&catid=1:cosmos-epicarc-guides&Itemid=2 with routes maps. We can see that the Amarr & Minmatar Arcs are very linear, when the Caldari is more complex, and Gallente has 2 choices only.

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Heya, I am updating the guide at this point with correct damages since I am doing an run

I use Machariel with ascendancy implants + Orca with ascendancy implants, 2 warp speed rigs and 2 interceptors in hold with some ammo for the Mach.
Haven’t found an faster way to do it. If you have just one character, then Mach is nice + few shuttles / interceptors at key positions for speed runs.

Regarding the Caldari epic arc choises, on my guide, same as for any other epic arc I choose the maximun standings, then maximum profit options. Caldari is a bit longer with my suggestions, but you get the Hyasyoda labs.

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i use a geddon for caldary due to jamming, and a navy raven for everywhere else due to its tank abilities and my range dps keeps majority of dps off of me

also when you do the minmatar, dont kill the ammatar rats because you lose standing, i lure them out than just back and hack the all the things and than warp out

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