Empire Epic Arcs - easiest to hardest?

Since people have been busy thinking about the Epic Arcs I thought this would be a good time to ask more experienced capsuleers how they’d rank the Empire Arcs in difficulty. I’ve done the Amarr and Minmatar and that was no contest, the Minmatar was so easy it should be called an introduction to Epic Arcs… But how do the others stack up? Are the Caldari and Gallente harder than Amarr?

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IIrc from easy to hard: Minmatar, Caldari, Amarr, Gallente with the latter two being quite close.


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I always considered the Caldari epic arc as the toughest one, it sends you to low and null sec space a lot more than the others and the NPC Ewar jamming makes it tough for gun boats to easily complete the missions.

In my opinion from easy to hardest = Minmatar, Amarr, Gallente, Caldari.

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Penumbra has one point where you have the choice of two courier missions to either low or null locations. If you can fly a travelceptor, the null option is a no-brainer and perfectly safe as it’s mostly empty space and even if you find bubblecamps, you couldn’t care less.

If not, a fast aligning travel frigate (with a bit of tank for smartbombers) will be fine to go to low.

The arc does not really get more difficult through it.


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My posted reply was to the OP who asked what was the easiest to hardest arcs, not how to do the arcs.

I just completed all 4 Empire Epic Arcs and my statement still stands, easiest to hardest is Minmatar, Amarr, Gallente and Caldari.

It also depends on which pathway a player takes while doing the arcs.

By the way, the pathway I took in the Caldari Epic Arc had 4 missions leading to low/null sec space.

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I disagree and debunk your point on the grounds that you actively chose the path, which BTW may or may not be further difficult or not difficult at all if you know how to use simple ingame tools such as map parameters effectively and adjust your timing accordingly. Not to mention a many 3rd party tools such as dotlan for starters.

You could have simply chosen the Hyasyoda path on “The Paths that are hidden” and avoided any and all LS or NS altogther if you think LS or NS travel is too dangerous or don’t know how to utilize above mentioned tools so you don’t have to deal with it at all, just stay in HS.

That said, to the topic at hand, for me its Min, Caldari, Amarr, Gallente.

The funny thing is, that beyond SOE arc the first one I started off with was the Gallente. Once I finished the rest were much easier and the pirate epic arcs, Angel Sound and Smash and Grab were actually super easy, even though I lost 2 ships on Smash and Grab due to PvP and had to postpone one for a week due to system and nearby activity.

Dude, you can disagree all you want but debunk my statement? It’s just your opinion which is different from mine and everybody else.

Yeah, I specifically chose that pathway because it actually adds another element of difficulty to completing the arc. I never said it was too dangerous, I know how to travel in low / null sec space and have been doing it for years now.

What makes the Caldari Epic Arc hardest to complete in my opinion is the NPC Ewar Jamming, almost makes gun ships obsolete.

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LOL so now you’re saying you have problems with ECM or Damps ? That is a pure 100% L2 fit and execute mechanics L2P issue.

Double this now that you can target ECMs back. I found the damps in Gallente mission much more challenging cause I had to switch my tactics for good 5-10 minutes until I could clear enough of them. The ECM are a complete joke.

Now I don’t just debunk your point but bring up the fact that you’re just a scrub that thinks it isn’t that can’t even pick a proper ship and fit for the job after X years of playing. Eve basics 101.

The ability to target lock NPC’s doing Ewar Perma-Jam was just recently implemented. Before that it was a lot tougher to complete the Caldari arc solo in a gun boat.

Anyway, take your troll comments somewhere else.

LOL dude why ? Like I said, right ship and fit for the right job = Eve basics 101. Auto missiles FTW !
And even if you do use a gun boat, MJD + MWD + snipe from outside of range + angle of approach + drones FTW ! Like I said, 2nd point player issue of not executing game mechanics.

There’s more than one way to play this game. I fly a gun boat with Autocannons instead of flying a lazy afk Drone/Missile boat like you. It’s all about personal preferences.

Now get back on topic and stop derailing this thread with your troll attacks.

Ummm MJD + MWD + Arties instead of ACs + apply mechanics mentioned. or stick with your claims of it being difficult because you intentionally make it so for yourself.

Thanks for your opinions, I’ll take them into consideration when I next have a couple days free for adventure. :wink:

A travelceptor or cheap frigate is no problem, and while I’m not too used to low/null I have at times navigated areas without getting caught. Did the Angel arc without even seeing another player, in fact - probably due to playing very late at night.

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