Which Amarrian ship for empire epic arcs?

What ship would you recommend if I would like to try to do the empire epic arcs with an amarrian ship?

I guess a paladin?
I do not have any cross faction skills, only energy weapons, drones and amarr ships.

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Maybe a Legion. The Arcs are a lot of traveling, and may have lowsec parts, so faster and cloaky is better. Not sure if you can gank/tank fit to withstand the neut pressure in some rooms.

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I think you can use a sunesis or something similar to do the lowsec parts.

It’s doable in a Legion, but a Paladin is like 3x faster. You might travel faster in the Legion, but some Arcs have very much HP to destroy and stuff spawns very far away, so raw DPS and Firing Range are key. Also all of the “delivery parts” can be done in the Frigate you carry with the Pala in th Escape Bay.

Especially the Amarr Arc is much much shooting, the Pala completely outperforms any Legion here by far.



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You have remained pure, well done!

Paladin. I really tried to make the Legion work for the epic arcs because I like that ship, but it kinda sucked for them, sadly. Maybe you’re a better pilot than I am and could make it work, dunno. Bonus to Paladin’s MJD is nice, though.


I once finished it. Was really a pain though, and I won’t do it again.

The Amarr Arc is marauder grindfest. If you have an alt that can fly a marauder, get the alt on grid, too. There’s enough deadspace sansha to shoot at.

I do the Amarr arc to improve my Amarr standings, but the “correct” way to do this probably is to betray Amarr and chose the Sansha route, then run the SoE arc to get Amarr standings, in order to get good standings with both Amarr and Sansha […]

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That’s propaganda of the servants of a false emperor.

How many inquisitorial henchmen are behind that poor guardsman and will kill him right after he and his comrades are done with the heretics?
When fighting the enemies of the (false) emperor, for members in the imperial guard, not dying in battle is punishable by death, anyways, but specific to fighting heretics, having caught a glimpse on them might have resulted in the guardmen getting corrupted by the taint of chaos, thereby becoming heretics that have to be purged, themselves.

I’ve always loved the Armageddon, and even in it’s current form it’s capable of taking on pretty much anything with a skilled pilot. Amarrian BS V gives you a 50% boost to drone damage and hit points, which is quite nice, and the thing manages a superb tank.

For a bit more, you can pick up a Navy Issue 'geddon, which also adds on 50% damage from lasers or missiles. Put a microjump drive on that, and you’ll be melting things from 100km away.


Yeah, a LongRange Laser-Battleship will definitely work with MJD-repositioning, it will just take a while in some of the missions as there are huge amounts of HP to shoot. The Amarr Arc takes like 4 hours in a max-skilled Paladin, close-range brawl with like 2500 DPS (Conflag). Imagine the time you need in a 800 DPS long-range Fit… And some of the missions will be very hard to tank for any non-Marauder in close-range.

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I’ve did 50+ runs of the arcs, when it comes to amarrian ships I’ve tried:

Navy Apoc (or the other one), laser + drone platform, wasn’t that bad, but needs drone babysitting, also needs decent skills to manage shooting, repping and cap.

Paladin, even T2 fitted, works like a charm, especially with the double DPS from bastion, no ammo replacement issues, load 40 T2 short range crystals, 20 T2 long range crystals, 20-30 of medium range faction crystal of your choice for about 50km range and you are set, you can do multiple runs of all 4 arcs without having to visit trading hubs.

Legion was super nice, had blinged fit with covops all the time, so it could go anywhere, also same thing with ammo as Paladin, it’s buy and forget for few runs. Also warps super fast which is welcomed addition… BUT… It has 1/4 of damage potential from Paladin in most cases, so missions do take longer… Which would be fine in it’s own… BUT… laser outfit has no drones. That means you need to dualbox them, since a single Legion has no way to deal wtih drones on his own, one wrong positioning or missing critical spawn and getting webbed + scrammed and you can just sit there and tank, but you can’t hit them. You could carry a web and depo I guess and change prop module for web in this case, but… hassle :smiley:


Thats why I did the Arc in a HM/Drone Legion. It can handle small stuff pretty well and HMs with a painter also apply well on almost any target. It’s nice that you can adapt to the resist hole of your opponents perfectly but ammo reload is an issue. You basically have to either pre-set up the areas with Missile Depots or re-buy Missiles during the Arc, because the Cargo of the Legion does not even remotely can carry as much missiles as you need.

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Navy Armageddon IMO is the best overall Amarr Battleship in effectiveness/cost/utility.
(although IF pure drone damage armageddon does better)
can basically fit any weapon system and make anyone your primary one with a good secondary (Lasers/Missiles/Drones)

primary armor tank ship, but it can do shield tank well if facing Kinetic/Explosive damage type enemies (like all drone ships in general)

(excluding paladin cause blingy BEAST but great!)

also it’s a giant space dick to smite the HERETICS!!!

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Yea, but HM kinda defeats the purpose of lasers for easy ammo / travel management… :smiley:

Also for HM I would rather do Loki / Tengu in that case :slight_smile:

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Activate the DOOMSDAY!

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