SoE epic arc

Ello all, returning player just trying to get the hang of all the changes that seem to have happened in the last year.

Jumped back in and found I was still halfway through the Amarr epic arc, so I’ve decided to revisit all the epic arcs as a starting point of finding my feet again.

Got me thinking of when I used to do the Soe one, from when I first started, doing it in a vexor the first time, then being convinced later that the ishtar was the way to go.

Now i find that a travel fit Dramiel gets me round it the quickest, and is also easily able to smash all the combat, normally by letting drones do it… Carry some expanded cargoholds around for the odd courier mission, and I’ve not found a ship to beat it for efficiency. Anyone else have a different suggestion? I can fly pretty much anything sub-cap, and would be interested from a purely sporting perspective.

Once I’ve got these all under my belt, is there currently an event running? or did I just miss one…


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The thing with the SoE Epic Arc is that most missions are easily done in any T1 Frigate, however the last “Boss” is very tough to kill and require around 150 dps or so to break the tank aswell as you need to have decent tank yourself. So my best bet would be Assault Frigate, “Attack” Destroyer or T3 Tactial Destroyer, of cause assuming that every acceleration gate would allow entry.

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The first time I did it ages ago, my skills were still pretty low, but I used a Sunesis and it worked great.

[Sunesis, Dawn]

Small Armor Repairer II
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
Damage Control II

Cap Recharger II
Cap Recharger II
Drone Navigation Computer I
10MN Y-S8 Compact Afterburner

125mm Prototype Gauss Gun
125mm Prototype Gauss Gun
125mm Prototype Gauss Gun
[Empty High slot]

Small Ancillary Current Router I
Small Capacitor Control Circuit I
Small Hybrid Collision Accelerator I

Hobgoblin I x8

Iron Charge S x100
Tungsten Charge S x5140
Lead Charge S x100
Thorium Charge S x200
Uranium Charge S x100
Antimatter Charge S x5976

Plenty of cargo, reasonably fast for all the mind-numbing travel, had no problem with Dagan at the end. and I happen to think it’s a nifty looking ship.

This fit could definitely be improved upon (as I say, my skills were low when I used this fit), but I’m posting it as an example of what can work.

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Hello and welcome back to Eve.

Yeah you just missed an Event but don’t worry, seems they’re happening about once every month or two. Should be another one pretty soon.

So, a Dramiel to run the SoE Epic Arc? Actually sounds like fun. I may have to try that the next time I run that arc. Basically I just use a Cruiser so I can destroy the rats asap.

Except for Mission 29: An Eye on Everything. It’s actually a scout/recon mission but I switch into a Battlecruiser, Tech 3 Strategic Cruiser or larger hull class ship after the agent say’s the mission is done so I can collect all the bounty’s on the Pirate Fleet. I ignore the stolen Nidhoggur since it doesn’t have a Bounty and is quite tough to destroy.

Anyway, good luck and hope you have a long rewarding career this time around.

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The loots/salvage of An Eye On Everything is as bad as a L4. Don’t waste your time.

Get a cyna(edit : corrected ), fit it with hyperrigs, T1 guns, plasma T1 amos, mwd, make it align in 5s, then add gyros, passive shield modules, here you are.
2:30:00 to complete the complete arc with full high grade ascendancy.

Collecting the Bounty (optional) on Mission 29: An Eye On Everything is over 10 mill ISK. It doesn’t take long to collect and it’s definitely worth the time to do it, especially if the player has the skills and equipment.

If you just do what’s required in the arc and blitz it, the total rewards:

Mission Pay: 8,393,000 ISK
Bonus Pay: 5,254,000 ISK
Bounties: 1,170,001 ISK
Total: 14,817,001 ISK

Since you’re doing the arc, why not spend another 10 minutes and gain +10 mill more in Bounty pay?

By the way, using a Battleship to do the entire Level 1 Sisters Of Eve Epic Arc is foolhardy at best, plus not a lot of players are going to invest in a full set of High Grade Ascendancy implants.

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i have done the soe just a few days ago in a cynabal. sub 3 sec to warp and hyper fitted. was a pleasure.

I don’t remember seeing many (or any?) gates in SoE Epic Arc. But I’ve done them both with an Assault Frigate and a T3 Tactical Destroyer so both are definitely possible.

Cynabal isn’t a Battleship, it’s a Cruiser which is what I suggested using. More importantly, what does any of that have to do with my advice of collecting all the Bounty on Mission 29: An Eye On Everything?

Yes there are Acceleration Gates in the Level 1 SoE Epic Arc. Probably about 1/3rd of the missions have gates.

it has nothing to do with you dmc. i just throw it in because of its speed and i´ve done the soe a few days ago.

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ho yeah it’s cyna I use, not mach.
I did not look up the exact align time, I know I can 2s-align it but I don’t think I used more than 2 nano/stabs.

Because it takes more than 2 min to “collect” those 10M, which is the maximum interesting time.

Sure if I already am in a mach, that is interesting because it breaks the annoying travel chain.
But really I don’t do the SoE for the money.

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i dont think so. you can get it under 2 sec but you need more than 2 stabs and maybe polyrigs

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Lol, the idea of doing the SoE arc for the money. You probably spend more in diesel getting around than you make from the missions.

Tried the cynabal, but there just wasn’t enough combat to make the switch from the dramiel worth it. Maybe keep the cynabal in arnon for the last mission. Given how many jumps you end up making through the arc (well over 200 I believe) the dramiel is just pure speed and qol


its sounds reasonable. The only issue I had when testing inty was the courrier mission which did not fit in the ship, but I guess carrying spare cargohold enhancers would be enough.

I wonder how to tank the dramiel, in my memory it’s a speed tanking ship but I am not 100% active when doing this boring mission.

Yes you do. I wrote I CAN 2s align, which is not I DID 2s align.

Cleaned up the thread a bit. Removed 4 Off topic Responses, and those quoting them.

The hyper mach with 3 inertial stabs, no implant has 5s align and 5.74 AU/s
a T1 empire cr has 5-6s align and 3.3 AU/s.

The mach has more alpha, can fit a grapple and light drones, has enough tank to not require any more tank and not bling at all, and yet you call this “foolhardly”.

You really need to stop giving your opinion when it makes so little sense.

And no, I don’t use the mach, because the cyna is just way faster , as the mach would require several sebos to be efficient

Hyperspatial rigged Confessor works very well.

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And that was my point.

By the way, practice what you preach.

And yet you call me a minmaxing wannabe …

Practice what you preach.