Ship for the Sisters of Eve

I was thinking of doing the Sisters of Eve missions. One option I was thinking was to use the Coercer, but I don’t know if I should go for Beam or Pulse lasers since I don’t know what range I want to fight them at. Another option is to go for the Dragoon and equip short ranged weapons, using afterburner to avoid shots and slapping on some armor to deal with what damage I do take (yes I know armor slows me down) If I go so fast that both of us miss, that’s OK since my drones don’t care about my traverse. So…

Long Range Coercer
DPS Coercer
Afterburner Drone boat Dragoon

Yep, that’ll do it.
But watch out for tracking issues at range - i.e. “keep at range” works better than “orbit” in a lot of cases.

Yep, that’ll do it.

Yep, that’ll do it as well (nice choice by the way - beats the usual gunboat approach!)

There’s a later mission in the sequence - “Our Man Dagan” where you need to be doing more than 200dps or so (it’s probably less - I believe Dagan is weaker to Explosive damage). That’s well within the reach of any of your proposed ships.
If you take a Coercer, then taking a set of Navy Multifrequency crystals is handy for the extra dps they do if you need them. Normally I’d suggest the basic crystals for missions ('cos I’m a cheapskate), but there are occasions!

The guide to the SoE arc is The Blood-Stained Stars - EVE University Wiki
It does take you all over New Eden - but you can stay in high-sec. Some of the trips may be a bit on the lengthy side now the Triglavian Systems have been disconnected.

It’s a good story and a good introduction to a lot of the lore and background of life in New Eden. It also gives a good boost to your standing with whichever faction you decide to support in the later missions.

Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.


Huh, I thought someone told me this was doable with a destroyer. Does Dagan’s aggro prioritize killing drones or the player?

I can’t remember. If you engage him first and keep him occupied he should hit you rather than the drones.

^ Last time I did the Sisters of EVE epic arc on an alt I used this.

Did it work for “Our Man Dagan” too?

Yep. I did have high drone skills (for an Alpha character) though, you may have some trouble breaking him if your drone skills are low.

Regardless of your dps, you can do the entire chain and if you happen to not have enough dps on the last fight you can always ask in local if anyone wants to help.

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I say go for pulse afterburner coercer.

Huh… I didn’t think missions were designed for cooperation.

Some definitely are - Level 5 Security Missions for example. But there are other mission-type things, such as incursions, that do benefit from being tackled as a group - or are only possible as a group.

Just use a rapid light Caracal. It’s cheap and will steamroll the entire SOE Arc. No range issues, no cap issues, no tracking issues…

Anything that shoots at least 120 dps is enough for the final battle, provided you fly your ship as you’re supposed to (with a destroyer that mostly means to NOT get hit, it barely has a tank). 120+ dps is what you need to keep in mind. The rest is knowing how to use a particular hull. You can even do it with a pulse fitted coercer if you know how to fly under the guns.
Here’s the thing: you can run the other missions with a fast moving frigate (you’ll be doing a lot of traveling during that arc), while you skill up for the ship and the weapon system (don’t forget the supporting skills) you want to reach that 120+ dps with, destroyer, cruiser, your choice. Stick to the skill plan to reach that goal and have fun. The missions do not expire, so you have time.

If that is what you worry about consider an arbitrator. Essentially a bigger version of the Dragon, that can field a pack of medium drones and use RLML.

laughs in gila… gila is gonna be my choice for the SOE arc…

A bit overkill as a destroyer can do it as well, but faster and cheaper.

Sure, you can do it in a cruiser, but why would you slow yourself down?

cynabal *cough

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As a mission blitzer so I can make money off it, plus it’s a cheap gila fit, perfect for my alpha alt

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If you’re going to pay a lot of ISK to fly a faction ship, why not pick a Worm? I would think the Worm has the dps to do the Sisters of EVE epic arc, but is much quicker than a Gila.

its only less than 400 mil

Which is about 395 million more than you need to pay for a ship for a mission chain that’s available to newbies just out of the tutorial.

Why pay 400 million to do something you can do quicker in a cheap destroyer?

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