Epic Psychosis is Recruiting!

Thank you for your interest and time!!! I have recently returned from a break and I am in the process of rebuilding the corporation. I have a lot of experience in different aspects of the game. The corp will be new-player and alpha player friendly.

Our main focus right now is building numbers as well as building assets! We definitely have plans in motion that’s going to make for some great content and fun for everyone!

PVP will be a necessity…I don’t expect people to PVP everyday, but when the :heart::heart::heart::heart: hits the fan, and it will, I expect everyone to fight!
Right now we operate out of Highsec as we build our members as well as create corp assets and funds for our future goals!

Thanks for your time and if you have any questions feel free to send a message! I look forward to flying with each and everyone of you!!!

Please Contact Gil Nutz or Thrax Hunter in game! I will not accept random applications. We will have to have a conversation first to ensure your a good fit for the corp!

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