Begin your Epic Adventure with Epic Psychosis! We are Recruiting!

Epic Psychosis is recruiting!!!

Are you looking for a laid-back group that doesn’t take the game too seriously!

Are you a newbro or an alpha pilot looking for a place to make isk and learn how to play the game!

These are just some of the things we do! We enjoy Small Gang PVP along with Solo and Group PVE.

Our Industry is currently being built up, but is in a very good place! Lots of room to play key roles in Epic Psychosis! The corp buys most things, so logistics is not too much of an issue.

Currently we operate out of WH space in a Class 4. We also have a highsec operations as well out on a highsec island which makes great for highsec exploration sites such as combat sites as well as highsec industry!

We don’t have to many requirements to join the corp. We know life gets busy sometimes and that life should always come first. All we ask is that you contribute when you can.

Feel free to send Thrax Hunter, Gil Nutz, or Pariah Pariah’s in game!

Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you!

Recruitment Is Open!

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