Psychosis Inc. looking for PvPers, Industrialists, and Wormholers!

Psychosis Inc.

Active Times:
22:00 - 06:00 (UTC / EVE Time)

New players welcome!
We are a small community of close friends with a mix of new, returning, and long-time veteran players to EVE Online!

Heimatar Based
2% Tax
90% Buyback Program


  • PvP Brawlers, Logistics, and ECM
  • Wormhole Nomads
  • Industrialists

Current Areas of Focus:

  • Wormhole daytrips originating from high-sec Headquarters
    Group combat sites & profitable gas harvesting
  • Resource harvesting & manufacturing
    Corporate Athanor for weekly moon mining operations
  • Small-scale Low-Security PvP
  • L4 security missions

Players who are interested in operating exclusively in the exciting and treacherous void of J-Space (Wormholes) can have the opportunity to join our wormhole division based in our “Stella” system outpost.

Future Plans:

  • Outpost in low-security space for expansion of industrial operations
  • Null-sec PvP operations

If interested, the following individuals can be contacted in-game:
Mr Magick
Sir Ronald Octavius

Alternatively, you can add-me or send me a DM in Discord: ZyVerus#2655

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