Equal Opportunity Haters - C3 WH corp LF pvp'rs

We are a new corp with an intense interest in covert operations and hit and run tactics against superior forces. We are intending to establish a community of BLOPs focused and small-med gang enthusiasts who work together well because we want the same thing. Kills, the more the better, against the odds, even better. So we are interested in pilots with this mindset, who want a community and also want to be murderous to EVERYTHING that isn’t blue.


  • ability to fly a bomber with focused void bomb (this is for combined ops with other BLOPs entities) the FVB is an absolute must if flying a bomber.
  • armor t3c (strategic cruiser), and/or Recon (if you cant do this, then Stratios is an option-with good skills)
  • Omega accounts only
  • active (not looking for weekend warriors)
  • working mic and headset (discord for our comms, TS3 for community)
  • each pilot needs a prober alt (not an alpha)

In need of :
-Force Recon/T3 Hunter Killer Pilots
-Covert Transport pilots
-Logi Pilots and Booster Pilots
-additional experienced pilots for more FCs and support officer roles
-PvP mains with indy alts.
If you are interested in joining us please reply here or meet us in our in game channel " Equal Opportunity Haters" for more info.

We are a c3 with a static Nullsec wormhole corp.

Thanks for your time,

“Equal Opportunity Hater = I hate Everyone Equally until you give me a reason not to.”

daily bump

Daily Bump…

daily bump

Daily Bump

daily bump

Daily Bump… still on the lookout for experienced WH’rs and/Bomber pilots. Getting ready to move into a c3 null vanilla to get stuff started.

Daily Bump… just moved into c3 null, looking for pilots to help flesh it out. Hit me up in game or join “Equal Opportunity Haters” channel in game for more info.

Eve = Salt

Daily Bump, now on the prowl for more pilots to join corp and fill out fleets…

Daily Bump… alliance formed on the lookout for more pilots and smaller wh corps.

Daily Bump… join us in Equal Opportunity Haters channel in game to chat.

What are your active timezones ?

Good to see more dudes in J-space, y’all should roam with us sometime! Shoot me a message on Discord, BearThatCares#1337

we are active in the post downtime through EU tz Orunis,

Daily Bump… on the prowl for more Bomber/Recon pilots

Daily Bump…

Daily Bump Still on the lookout for more bros to join us in the WH lifestyle… hit us up