Equinox Planetary Infrastructure Stations

With the new stations being implemented with the Equinox release, Equinox P.I. Stations could help revamp P.I.

A P.I. station would orbit a single planet with slots rented out. Up to ten rentable slots for a maxium of six stations per slot would allow P.I. manager to focus their P.I. efforts from one location.

The main feature of the Equinox P.I. station would be the use of AI controlled hauler ships. Each slot would come with three P.I. haulers that the manager could launch from the P.I. station and then direct to an orbital transfer hub. The new AI hauler would only be used with the P.I. station, would not be able to mount any weapons of any type. The P.I. hauler would allow the manager to load or unload P.I. at three different locations at once.

The AI P.I. hauler could be attacked normally.

For each level of the skill associated with any hauler skill, the AI hauler number of ships would increase by at levels 1, 3 and 5.

Skill levels 2 and four would see the P.I. bay increase by 2,500 m/3 and 5,000 m/3. Most hauler pilots already have their hauler skill level to 5, so there wouldnt be any downtime involved for training.

The AI P.I. hauler would be scripted similar to the carrier drone but would have up to a 20 AU range from the station. The AI hauler would only be able ro be warped from the orbital transfer station and the P.I. station in orbit to keep the AI hauler from being used for other purposes.

Are you explaining how the yet unreleased update actually works? or are you suggesting changes or asking it to work in a certain way?

You tell me, you’re the one over the pit of fire.

Its an idea that allows players to learn the basics of AI programming.


Have a guess…

It appears the new station is a space elevator. Which is basically what we have currently.

New P.I. needs to have some form of corporation colonies – individuals that somehow connect together on the surface or in the station’s corporation hangers.

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