Upwell Planetary Logistic Station

A new Type of M- or L-Structure that manages all Customs Services in the system it is anchored in. Only one per system.
All Planet Logistics can be channeled & taxed directly to the station.
Only capable to be anchored in Low/Null Securiy Space.
With Planetary Manufacturing StandUp Service installed one is capable to manufacture Planetary products.
P1 → P2 → P3 → P4.
Its a Manufacturing Job consuming a Manufacturing Slot. Max 24 runs. One Run needs 1h. No ME. No TE. (maybe too harsh to make it worthwhile?)

Could be a interesting addition.
Thoughts? Additions?

And autosells the final product on Jita

Don’t think this is the forum for sarcastic comments.

Absolutely no sarcasm intended! I merely suggested how to improve this idea to its full potential

So the materials magically travel from planet to planet?

No hauling needed?

lol, no.


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I think this is actually a structure feature over in Eve: Echoes, and we can see how well the economy is functioning there :stuck_out_tongue:

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If there was anything like this it would be one per planet. There would still be fewer of them than refineries.

But concept wise I’d be interested in expanding the whole PI and custom office idea to an upwell structure.

One thing to worry about is how it’d be a lot safer to pull things and trade between characters from an upwell structure that tethers and can be docked in compared to a custom office with no such features.

It would however be a structure sitting in space you could blow up, if you had to be in corp/alliance to use it and couldn’t 3rd party/holding corp it, that creates a level of risk/reward around it that serves to replace the hauling, and lets be honest, what real level of risk is hauling PI goods between planets in the same system, the risk of wardecs in highsec quite satisfactorily replaces that.

Yeah, I don’t like that. I actually kill a decent amount of dudes doing P.I. because they aren’t paying attention to their surroundings -and this is in spite of the fact that you can manage your planets while safely docked. As far as I’m concerned, P.I. already has enough safety, and doesn’t need any more.

If it’s a structure is there asset safety for the products inside or does everything function like a product job (destroyed or dropped into space when structures pop)?

Why not wormholes or high sec?

Wormhole Space is Null Security I believe?
Similar reason Reactions aren’t allowed in HighSec?

The reason Reactions aren’t allowed in High Sec was a roleplay reason as boosters used to be illegal.
This was not a game balance reason.

Well Empires and their Custom Offices already exist, so I guess same reason?

Except the Empires don’t hold the customs offices in highsec. So not really.
Not to mention making it corp/alliance only means it puts more people at wardec risk in highsec if they want the reward, which is good.

Makes me wonder why there is that one Tax Skill for Empire Custom Offices? Am not playing in High Sec so I don’t really know, just thought it would infringe on the empires interest and pit it like that. =P

Nothing offsets magic travel. It is inappropriate in a tech game.

If this added NPC ships to haul the stuff i think people would be ok with it slow warp speeds and don`t warp to zero maybe warp 30km off and slow boat allowing for easy ganks.

No. Never.

Such a mechanic would do to the hauling career what the MTU did to salvaging.

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Non represented shuttles between planets in the same system is not magic travel in a Sci-Fi game.
It’s not like we have anything representing getting from a Planet to a POCO as it stands, so lets not get silly about applying the label ‘Magic’ to stuff shall we.

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