Allowable cargo for upwell ships

Are the only allowable commodities (outside of the fully finished structures themselves) intended to be ONLY PI materials? Seems just a tad off considering PI materials are just one category that goes into manufacturing. Would it be wrong to include the category of moon mats/ reaction products? Since they along with PI are now extracted from the new upwell structures via skyhook and metenox drill, both of which can also be raided.

Moon mats can be carried, but not once they’ve been reacted.

They already have a small cargo and fleet hangar, so there’s always that.

That’s part of the point though, if processed PI (which would include the raw, up to P4) counts, then shouldn’t that include processed moon materials? Otherwise might as well say “only raw PI in the hold”

Try reading the patch notes:

Yes, that’s what the patch notes say, but this is feedback from my experience using them. I’ve tested the infrastructure hold myself. Of the material categories mentioned the infrastructure hold currently only accepts:

  • “Planetary Materials” ( which includes raw resources all the way up to tier 4)

  • and “Reaction Materials” (AKA moon goo/materials), but only “raw moon materials”, no “Molecular-Forged Materials” or “Advanced Moon Materials”, all of which fall under the category of “Reaction Materials”.

Again, this is feedback, not a suggestion based on assumption or theory.

As I’ve zero interest in piloting any of those ships for probably a year, I couldn’t tell you what goes in them or doesn’t. What I can tell you is that if something on that list doesn’t go into the hold, that’s a bug report or a reply in the official feedback thread, not a “Player Idea” forum thread topic.

Basically, wrong place for this.

Ah, thanks for that. I was told this was the place for that

This close to a feature release there’s always a feedback thread that’s actually read by the Devs. That’s where you’re most likely to get attention about adding things you logically think should be added to the new feature.

Best of luck to you. :slight_smile: