Suitable ship for planetary support

I’m looking for a suitable support-ship for my planetary industries. Any suggesions ? It should have sufficient cargospace to load, deliver and distribute the planetary commodities and should not be utterly defenseless hovering in space. Sometimes you have to stay in space for a while to make necessaey adjustments. Currently I’m using an Orca where I can launch 5 drones to get some protection and also keep a smaller ship in the fleet hangar to make excursions. Before I was using Industrieals with large cargobays the they are relatively defenseless and only suitable for high-sec systems. Any other suggestions ?

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You can do most adjustments to PI from upwell structures, outside hangars view. Then you catch your epithal fiitted with warp core stabs, cloak and mwd and you stay a few seconds per POCO. If you ever lose one the loss is small. But if you hang out close to a POCO in your orca, you make a really juicy target. Almost the same as calling your mastodon PI and wondering why it got wrecked.

You can do everything except establish a colony and launch sitting comfortably in any station. When I lived in Nullsec I used a Blockade Runner to setup colonies and harvest. You can drop a command center or launch while cloaked - anywhere in the system. The only point of vulnerability is while transferring material to/from the POCO. A Blockade Runner does have limited cargo capacity but, that’s the price you pay for safety.


Thank you. As a matter of fact I own a blockade-runner (Prorator)

The only thing you need is a ship to move the products back and forth.

Depending on where you are doing you PI, you can use either a regular hauler or a blockade-runner.
You just need cargo space.

If you want a PI dedicated ship, you can try the Epithal. There is another one (forgot its name), based on the hull of the salvage ship (forgot its name too).

Personally I just use my blockade runner.

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You can launch from outside hanagrs view if you are in the same system in an upwell structure. The only thing you cannot do from inside is implant a control center.

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as has been told, you can do all PI tasks except launching/exporting stuff and dropping command centers while docked. The two exceptions can be done very safely too while cloaked at a safe or tethered to an upwell structure.

The only time where you have to expose your ship is for actually exporting and importing stuff to POCOs. For that you want a cheap ship like the Epithal with some stabs (and cloak/MWD if you need to go through gates for any reason).

You prepare everything for the delivery beforehand (like splitting stacks to the correct size, exporting stuff, opening the correct poco) and then warp there with inventory and poco open and the next target already chosen. So when you drop out of warp, just press warp to for the next target, drag the preselected stuff from inventory to POCO and vice versa while you align.
This minimises exposure - for extra paranoia mode, you could use two aligned safe spots before and after each POCO to warp to one safe, DSCAN, warp tp POCO, press warp to second aligned safe - for a bit quicker warpoff - and hurry to drag stuff over.

When you get tackled or bubbled at a POCO, just drag everything or as much as possible - expensive stuff first - from inventory to POCO and accept the loss of a 16M Epithal… You can earn 10 times that each day you don’t get shot…


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also even with 2 core stabs you should be out of harm .
I personally fit my epithal with hyperspatial rigs, intertial stabs to go faster, a cloak in casea neutral enters the system, 2 stabs just in case, a mwd to burn through bubbles just in case.

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Use sound fittings and be smart about heading to your POCOs.

Primae, a limited edition ship, later gave its hull shape to the Noctis (ORE Salvage ship).

The Epithal has larger capacity than the Primae, which has the advantage of not requiring any skills to fly.

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