Covert Ops - PI Ship

Can we get a pi based cover ops ship that is frigate sized with bonus’s to reduction of pi materials, and pi colony modules?

It’s called a Blockade Runner.


Do you mean volume?

Please give an explanation as to why you think this is needed.

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Why, for what, I solo PI through low, null and WH, for what? With a little creativity and only T1 ships almost anything can be done…

For someone who claims to have lead a nullsec alliance since 2003, be a video game developer, and attempted to run for CSM on a lie about having secured 5,000 votes prior to voting, I’m curious to know your reasons behind the merits of this idea.

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With a WH with lowsec static and an Epithal and Iteron fitted for MWD- Cloak warp trick you can get anything relatively safe to and from the markets

They key point to this idea is that it is frigate based class. Fast, agile, and capable of holding say 10km3 and cloak capable. This would be insanely useful.

when you look at the prospect for example, you will learn if you do some digging, that it mines at rates higher then non-yield specific barges/exhumers. Its output is actually really amazing.

I was thinking that something similar for pi would not only be fun, but be really useful for people wanting to transit into low or null and experiment in a more safer manner. This will help new players make that transition, with out having to change the mechanics of low or null, its security, etc.

Make it 400m3 and we good.

By new players you mean people who have trained up Frigates 5 and Cloaking 5?
Or by new players do you mean Alhpa accounts that can’t cloak?
Or the new players Alphas that are doing enough PI (that’s cute) that would necessitate this?

Don’t use the “new players” excuse to try and puff up your crap ideas.

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Prospect training is about 1-2 month ish. its a little more then i think but this ship could be much less then that, depending on the skills.

Side note: im off for the day. have coding on my game i need to focus on.

So basically this just boils down to “I’m afraid of cloaky camping neutrals in my system and want a safer way to do my PI,” now.

You don’t have to lie and try to impress random people on the internet. No one cares and it just makes it painfully obvious that you’re pull crap out of your ass.

I too would like a covert ops frigate that can haul like a blockade runner, because who needs balance? I’m sure there can’t possibly be any downside to introducing a competing ship that does everything a blockade runner does except better and for less cost.

It’s hilarious because Naari is such a fraud that even when he tries to brag he doesn’t know the right things to brag about and ends up making himself look worse. I mean, here he is admitting that he isn’t a CEO/lead developer/etc (since those people do very little, if any, actual coding work) and that his “game” is a hobby project at best because he’s choosing between coding and forum posting instead of working regular 9-5 hours like a professional developer. In one simple statement he made a very clear demonstration that his “game” is as weak as his credentials and that nobody should take him seriously.

What if you just stack cargo mods in the lows and cargo rigs into, say a Cheetah or something

No, this is about people having mechanics to counter things they dont like, as a form of counter-psychological warefare.

To put it in a real life situation, let me stick you in get-mo, with noise and banging going on all night driving you crazy, with no real way to counter it. What do you think that end result of that will be after any significant period of time? You’d literally try to kill yourself.

In this case, the game version is quitting. IF you cannot admit that this is the most likely outcome, you are intellectually dishonest and any conversation with you is really pointless.

When you have proof that im not working on a game let me know.

Hundreds of people run PI production daily in my alliance without the need for this special cloaky ship. Why are you unable to do the same? I do not believe you have provide a valid nor meritorious argument for why we need a “counter” to cloaky camping when so many players already manage it through simple smart gameplay strategies.

This is a video game, not real life, so I’m going to disregard the rest of your comment from here.

The funny thing about this thread is as I originally indicated the Blockade runner is the ship for you but your experience is based so completely on ■■■■■■■■ theory crafting you can’t see the solution in front of your face.

Plus just a little more SP gets you the Deep Space Transport.

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A person is behind the avatar. Their character, their identity is expressed through its creation and evolution.

if you fail to understand this and its impact, you are much more blind to game development concepts than i thought

I like this cop-out response that avoids the point that I’ve raised because you have nothing to say against the argument.

Like I said before, there are hundreds of other players out there in nullsec who are doing PI daily who can mitigate risk by simply playing smarter. Why are you unable to do the same?

What makes your situation so special that CCP ought to create and implement this new ship just for your inability to play smarter?

No, that is a cop-out.

Only hundreds?
You just proved my point for me, thanks.