T2 Primae

Planetary infrastructure needs a TII version with a larger Planetary Commodities cargo bay.

why ?


Concerning ships that can be used for transporting PI, my suggestion would be to use the T1 Gallente industrial Epithal.

The Epithal has a specialized bay for transporting PI commodities and the base size of the bay is 45000 m3 and it gets increased by 10% capacity (I think) per Gallente industrial skill level.

Therefore, unless you want something else from a Primae T2, I think the Epithal will do the job - and at a much lower cost.

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Takes a DrysonBennington to ask for a T2 version of a LIMITED EDITION ship.


Yup, and with max skills the epithal will have a PI cargo hold that can hold 67,500 m3.

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Thank you for doing the math :grinning:.

I have the Gallente industrial skill at level 4 so I do not have the full capacity and did not bother to do the math.

However, even “just” at level 4, the Epithal works fine for me.

Primae is useless.
Don’t use it.
Use an epithal.
Give epithal a 1-3000m3 cargo bay to hold command center or make commands centers count as a pi commodity so they can be put in the epithal pi hold.

As somebody who does do PI on a number of accounts I’d definitely benefit from this, but going to say, “No.” Lets not make the ship too good.

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ever though of just putting 3 Expanded Cargohold II’s on the Epithal? There you go, more than 1000k cargo hold, which is what you need to carry a single Command Center.

Too easy to bait, thanks.

its also largely unnecessary. you can drop command centers from the safety of a citadel tether. far more often than not, people are going to be dropping more than one command center at a time when setting up their PI. just throw them in a cargo industrial, tether to a citadel and then go to work setting everything up at once instead of needing to redock for each CC. don’t even need to sacrifice your tank with cargo expanders that way.

your going to want a bigger hauler for bringing all your command centers out to wherever you plan on using them anyways, might as well use that same hauler to set them up.

If it means anything to you, you don’t give me the impression that you’re intentionally trolling, or trolling at all.

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