New T2 Epithal Idea?

So I know I have some Crazy ideas sometimes, but this one is not one of them, so I run several alts and I’m an industrialist so I’m always running my Pi for a week or two and in low sec with decent yields, and I have to make three to four trips with the current Epithal… I love that they added the command center bay, but I think they need to make a T2 version for the bigger industry guys, and make it have Two Planetary bays the same size as the current Epithal, and with a higher 20 or 30% planetary commodity hold increase per level for X skill, and give it a few other bells and whistles for it being a T2… i think we do need this majorly! and would be a huge hit ! Let’s hear what the Public has to say ??? Maybe called the Nautilus >>>>???


Yeah, That would be beneficial to us professional Industrialists on a grand scale… which means it’ll never go across a Devs desk to be placed into consideration in our lifetimes… lol Honestly, I believe it’s a great idea, however, my cynicism comes from 15 years of sending in VALID, logical ideas for CCP to implement in order to increase player efficiency and/or productivity, to promote ideas that garner new avenues of player retention, thus creating “long-term” financial growth and stability for the game company as a whole… only to be outright ignored for “short-sighted, spur of the moment” Drama, and quickened War-Building antics to steer the cameras back onto the “Big Egos” in the room who hate to “share or play well with others”… Of course, I wish you all the best in your efforts, and I will support this idea moving forward. Sincerely, Duke ShadowForged Industrial Engineering & Manufacturing

The Epithal is one of my most used ships and I don’t think we need such a thing.

One or at most two trips with an Epithal are needed to recover goods from all your 6 planets, even if all customs offices and launch pads are filled to the brim.

The main use of such a ship would therefore be not to gather goods from planets to a station, which is the current use of the Epithl, but to move bulk goods from one station or structure to another.

We already have ships specialised in hauling bulk goods from one station to another and they are called freighters and jump freighters.

You’re asking for a new Epithal to move 250k+ m3 goods, but if you want to move that much volume, why not use the ships that are specialised in moving such volumes?

Gerard Amatin, So when I pick up Pi it takes me 3-5 trips through dangerous space, because high sec pi is not good, as a large industry builder, and I run 7 total Account’s , Pi takes a lot of my precious eve time, and I’m sure this can be the case with many other’s who run Pi on a large scale, so not only does it takes many runs per one alt, but again it’s thru dangerous space, so making it so we could make it in one run and have some abilities to fend off attackers would be nice, not only increasing the pi hold but also making it have some other nice abilities. I already do the run’s from null to high to a station then use a cap freighter to move them back home, so i do know of the proper ships available but, A legit T2 PI industry frieghter built for Large Pi holds and deep space running would be a nice addition and would be a huge benifit and hit across all of New Eden ! the current epithal does work, but a better ship needs to be available for the veterans and large scale Pi guys !

And Duke Vierkrae Xandorluv, I would hope with the 200-300 usd I spend every month I could atleast get them to take a look at the idea but most likely your right, this will go un heard off or someone else will do it and take the credit for it! Another Thing I have been pushing for, Omega Tokens, so i can say buy 12 months of tokens at the 10.95 price and be able to redeem them and give them to my alts and whoever I wanted to, instead of buying one months for each alt… someone will make that happen most likely and take credit for it… Eve is brutal in game and out…

As someone who also does PI on multiple accounts in dangerous space, I like gathering it all in one structure that my alliance has.

And then, if I cannot use or sell the goods locally and want to have it moved out to safer space, I have various options.

Right now I either

  • ask others to move it for me (or buyback)
  • or spend a lot of risk and time using Epithals
  • or spend even more time using blockade runners

As I don’t really like the cost involved, risk involved and time involved of these three options, I am in a similar situation where a magical T2 cloaky 250k m3 PI hauler would be perfect for me.

However, instead of going to the forum to ask for this ship, I looked at the ingame ship tree and noticed that Jump freighters are pretty much what I need in this situation, so I started training an alt and am saving ISK to buy one.

You could do the same.

Once again your missing the point, and you seem to being to try and kill a great idea, makes me wonder why ? why is someone not supporting such a great idea ? and instead trying to force someone to buy and or use an expensive ship that is a much bigger target and killmail prize ? If i were a conspiracy nut i would say you work for CCP or something :slight_smile: but anyways the bottom line is a JF is not the answer, we need this ship to be made and available for us, its not hard to do or a big thing for CCP, and it actually helps them in the long run, another expensive ship to be made and blown up alot, because no one is going to train into a JF and buy one just to run PI, but Tens of thousands of people will buy an upgraded t2 epithal, not to mention the BPC from one of the factions and then the building of them, its huge across the board, and a huge benifit to everyone, but clearly you dont see it.

Just wondering, why is a jump freighter not an answer?

For small scale industrialists an Epithal shouldn’t be a problem. But for someone like you who is doing PI on 7 total accounts, which is I assume 7x3x6 = 126 planets, this should be a logical step, no?

You’re doing industry on a massive scale, so it only makes sense that if you want to comfortably move goods of that size around in null sec space that you invest in an industrial ship designed for that purpose, the jump freighter.

Of course, jump freighters are expensive and require new skills. It would be much easier and cheaper if CCP just made a T2 cloaky defensive epithal with freighter-sized cargohold.

Likewise it would be easier and cheaper for most haulers if there existed a nullfied fast warping T2 frigate that had a cargo size of 2 million m3.

But just because it would be easier or cheaper, doesn’t make it a good idea. In fact, it could be bad with regards to game balance.

Asking for a subcapital industrial that can safely haul 250k m3+ goods safely through dangerous space is such a bad idea.

Ships for that purpose exist already, you just need to get a jump freighter.

Well your taking my Original idea out of text, I never said having a Freighter sized Cargo Hold lol, nor did I say anything about a Frigate, your clearly a Troll and someone who bashed others idea’s, unless they are your own… A jump freighter is not the answer, JF have there purpose, for getting Decent amounts of Cargo out of null sec and into null sec. That is a ship I will own someday and use to move Pi out of null sec if I ever move my pi there. And the fact that A JF only has 135k m3 is insulting. The ides is that a T2 Epithal would have more then the 67,500k m3 ( if you max out the Gallante hauler skill) that the epi has now, somewhere around 100k to 130k m3, and again with some other bells and whistles, its a great idea and the Indy guys would love it and there is no way it would it upset any balance… again your a Troll. Find another person idea to kill if your not going to support this idea.

It’s your choice to repeat the activity 7 times. Why not only do it once and you can spend the time you save doing other things in eve?

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