Kyros Mod

I use the KYROS for moon minerals and shipping back to base for T1 haulers, i have no DST skills

the issue is the Moon gases has to be pick up by a different ship and that can be a long trip

Slight mod to the Ice hold by allowing moon gases to be shipped in that hold

or add a moon gas hold

what the point of having to ship in 2 vessels when one can do the job

Please make the mod

Its fine how it is. No one ship should do everything.

What about the Epithal? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Epithal - EVE University Wiki

Indeed. Why do we have hundreds of different ships when CCP could simply create one ship that can do it all?

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T1 hauler only = 4 ships omega only

Epithal Commodities Hold 75k m3 level 5 skills i can only carry 4 planets worth of materials when 6 planets are use in 1 one system i have to multi trip or take an alt which is a pain
Null is dangerous enough but have 2 Clones in the system - Yikes

Kyros ice and moon gas up the mineral hold 75k m3 level 5 skills

Nereus - general hauler up to 75k m3 level 5 skills

Miasmos ore hold 75k m3 level 5 skills never enough space

Iteron V - send to the scrap yard and design a T1 all in one ship that u can only get when skills reach level 4

For safety reasons it’s not a bad idea to dock your Epithal and offload in between a hauling session anyway! You don’t want to unnecessarily linger at your most vulnerable (next to customs offices) with hundreds of millions of ISK worth of PI.

I usually dock in between every couple planets if I have to, or if local chat looks fishy.

i do off load that when i am in system at the local station what i am taking about is making multiple trips back to home base

scenario for me in Null sec

PI is 15 jumps from home base , go down spend a few hrs or whatever going round loading all into the POCOs, send epithal to collect goodies from POCO stop and run, back to local station, sort it,

Raw materials, Load what u can in Hold ship back to Home base usual leave 50% in station
want to take all out of system
Hi Sec Factories in home system dedicated alt i do not manufacture in NULL sec just the raw materials

Make 2-3 runs to collect it all from PI site to Home

sometimes sent an Alt with you High risk in null

a larger hold will result in less trips made

Also i have 4 ALTs doin this weekly i wish we could set a single alt to all the PI for me

takes a good few hrs to do all of them

I have noticed that epithal are a low target ship i never carry more than 35m onboard as that is max capacity at 63k m3 of raw materials

As a PI producer with two accounts, 36 planets, I do know about that playstyle.

As I’m producing a lot of goods, there are various ways to deal with the volume you create and the amount of trips you get. Your goal, or at least my goal was to reduce the amount of trips, risk and time by doing the following:

  1. set up your PI close to a station/structure for you to gather the stuff in
  2. create higher tier PI to reduce the volume
  3. sell locally if you can
  4. or turn the PI goods using industry into items you can either (3) sell locally, or (4) reduce volume
  5. or when the volume is still too much, get better ships to move your goods

Let me go into detail:

Is your ‘home base’ where you gather your PI goods? Why is it 15 jumps away from your PI setup then? If I were you I would either pick a station or structure closer to your PI setup, if possible, or get your PI setup closer to a station.

Second, you do know a shuttle is enough to load everything into POCOs, right? I only bring my Epithal every other trip myself.

With a max capacity of 63k m3 and a maximum value of 35m, you clearly aren’t making any of the more valuable stuff. Is it P0 or P1 you are producing? Try setting up higher tier factories, P0-P2 planets, a factory planet or other ways to get to the higher tiers of PI. It will save you a lot of volume and therefore trips!
(See point 2)

Point 3. Are you able to find buyers locally? Neighbours? Allied players interested in some of your PI? That could save you a lot of trips.

Well that takes out point 4. Personally I liked to locally turn my PI into fuel blocks (always a demand in my alliance) or into nanite paste (sells decently locally, but is also much smaller so you can more easily move it to sell at other markets). But you’ll need some local industry capability to do that.

This brings us to the same problem as you had, earlier this year. I noticed I needed to haul a lot of volume, had no way to sell it locally and just needed to move it to high sec. The area was crawling with hostiles, so I used a Viator with an even smaller hold than the Epithal for endless trips and thought to myself: there must be a better, faster, safer way to do this…

You already have an alt, Omega and are looking for a ship with a larger hold to reduce the trips you have to make to move your goods. Why not do the same thing as I did and solve most of your problems by buying a

Jump Freighter?

(Point 5) Yes, I’m aware a jump freighter takes a significant amount of ISK and skills. It’s more of a long term goal, but it should solve many problems you’re talking about now. It will take a while till you can buy one, I guess, but until then, take another look at points 1-4 and see if you can improve your current setup.

like u i make stuff the pi i make is fuel blocks ( surplus sells) as i need them for reactions formulas, for ship building, i make up to t3 for the fuel blocks t2 and t3 for parts for Tech 2 Mods and Rigs
i build orca parts and orca’s as an example
Lots of T2 Mining equipment

I use null for low taxes rates, for the quantity of resource hi sec is hard work i try my local systems but could not get the quantity i need weekly to keep the factories going

factories are local and produce T0-T2 T2-T3

Dedicated Uranium and robots and mechanical parts

sorry 9 jumps not 15

If you’re making uranium, robotics and mechanical parts, I’m pretty sure that you can fit a lot more than 35m value in one ship:

Are you saying you’re carrying raw materials for 9 jumps back and forth?

Please, put that factory planet in the same system as your production planets, and don’t produce P0, at least produce P1 before you put it in your Epithal to carry it over to the factory planet or wherever you stash your PI products.

It will save you many trips!

9 jumps for P0 to take to factory once a week but sometimes have to make 2 trips to NULL border space or take a Fleet ALT,

Factory in NULL would make sense, but the border zone can be very hair raisin i nearly lost an epithal recently, so low target is a myth

At the very least, turn that P0 into P1 before you put it in your Epithal! You’re not losing anything by doing so, but it saves you a lot of volume.

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i learnt something i did not realise the P1 is smaller DOh

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