Dummy Thicc Epithals

Propose a 500% increase to the specialized cargoholds for Planetary Industry on epithals. Nothing else about them changes (mass and limited tank remain the same).

This would raise the level 5 capacity for PI only goods from 67,500m3 to 225,000m3.

Alphas capped at level 1 would be able to carry 90,000m3 of goods.

Without getting into changing PI itself, this expands transport feasibility of bulky P0 and P1 goods via wormholes to satisfy adapted build requirements of battleships and capitals.

Or, now hear me out.

use a DST and be happy. if you need more break out that freighter.


I say let them quintuple the hold sizes of all the t1 haulers. People will invariably overload them, creating fatter loot pinatas.
No P2W

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I don’t think it should be easier to move P0 and P1.

At that point, a question of plastic wrap space magic.

In terms of the epithal it has a ship volume of 250,000m3, and if you exceed ship volume by cargo volume–folks may be able to more effectively transport specialized goods by freighter courier by nesting these T1 ships in plastic wrap.

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