Pi cargo hold can get bigger?

It’s annoying I know…my googlefu failed me and I got derailed onto blogs.

Will someone freaking tell me if galente industrial skill increases size of Pi cargo hold on Epithal?

If so. What’s max size at level 5?


You don’t need google, you just need to read the traits description for the Epithal, it tells you right there for the “Galente Industrial Bonus”.


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I did. I dont trust it. Because it seemed to good to be true. I wanted an answer rooted in exact experience.

Here you go:


10% increase in capacity per level.

If the maths seems off remember that the bonus is on the base amount, not the cumulative amount.

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Thanks for showing. Sometimes games build a mechanic but dont extend it to special cases like Pi.

Step 1: Install Pyfa
Step 2: Simulate ship fitting, and adjust skill levels
Step 3: ???
Step 4: Profit!

If I didnt trust ccp on this why would i trust 3rd party heh

3rd parties (usually) try harder to make a useful tool, b/c they can’t get good info from the game.

Pyfa is a godsend. It’s the best program. 11/10, highly recommend.


Insert the skill into brains.
Get the ship.
Look at cargohold
Train to level 2.
Look at cargohold again.
Get into the ship, get outside the station.

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Other than the Racial Spaceship Command bonus there is no other way to increase PI inventory in Industrials. There’s no ship equipment or drugs that will affect it.

Your train of thought here is seriously screwy… why would you not trust the producers of the thing you are wanting information on… it makes no sense.

Further, if CCP (the source) and Pyfa (3rd party) aren’t to be trusted, why would you trust this random guy on the forum:

Further to this point, had you bothered to actually read the description you’d know it explicitly states the bonus is for the ‘special case’ that is PI:

“10% bonus to ship planetary commodity hold capacity” unless you somehow don’t think that the stuff you get out of PI = a planetary commodity?

As for everyone else in this thread, please don’t feed the stupid, it’s really bad for the game (see this thread as proof).


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