Miasmos Ore Capacity

Hi everyone, I have a question about the bonuses for the Miasmos ore hold capacity. According to the info it has 10% bonus per Gallente Industrial skill level but I am not seeing that. It is the same capacity as documented in Eve wiki 42000 m/3. I am level 2 Gallente Industrial yet it stays the same capacity. Am I misunderstanding things here?

Are you inside it when you are checking this attribute?


Yes I am inside but have also checked it outside

My retriever shows the amount plus bonuses inside and out but the Miasmos doesn’t.

It wont change when you are not in the ship.

But I dont know why it wouldnt while you are. The attribute for that stat should be lit up green when you check the stats of the ship while you are in it

It should only show the amount. Are you checking the right place? Show Info, Attributes? On the one you are in and not any other?

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I made it active and check the values. Also, normally it shows when I am out in space the , at least the retriever, but its not so in the Miasmos, when you view the ore hold

:red_circle: The Retriever shows the large ore hold capacity because it is not skill dependent. The Miasmos’ ore hold capacity depends on your skills and skills only apply if you are in the ship or simulated its fitting.

Ok, so when you are in the ship, and you right click it to Attributes, the Ore Hold number is in white and only showing 42000?

What happens when you open the bay, is it saying the same (42000)?

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Ok, that makes sense. I just checked it now and you are right, it now shows 50400. Thanks for the patience guys.

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Youre welcome !


Are 4 Miasmos level 5 hold faster than 1 Orca?
Yes. :green_circle:

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