Ore Capacity of Miasmos and Retriver

So if I’m reading this right…

A Retriever has a base ore capacity of 25,300. It gets a 5% bonus per level. Therefore ocne the pilot is maxed out in the relevant skills, the ore capacity (if it doesn’t use the cargo space) should be 3165?

And when it comes to the Miasmos, that would be 63000.

The Retriever base is 22k, max should be 27.5k, though I haven’t used one in a while to be sure. Your Miasmos hold looks right.

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I just checked ingame: the Retriever has base 22000m3 indeed. Seems the uni wiki with ‘25300m3’ is wrong in this case.

Huh, so that does mean max is 27.5K, unless my math is wrong.

Going to put it here so we can all enjoy the image in its glory before someone corrects it

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