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Hello !
So, it’s my first time in the game and my friends told me they are specialized in mining in HiSec. I don’t have a lot of time on my shedule actually and I would like to help them the better I can, so they told me they would appreciate a hauler. I looked it up online and it’s quite intersting for me.

I would like to know : I saw that the gallentean Miasmos have a specialized Ore bay and it’s nice, but I would like to know which skills I should train as an Alpha Clone to make it more effective at moving around lot of space rocks.

Also, can one of you guys could please give me a fit for that ship ?

Thanks you =)

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Well, training the gallente industrial skill increases the ore hold my 10% per level, but alphas can only train to lvl 1 anyways.
Be sure to train up thinks for tanking your ship so that it can’t be tanked as easily.

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Perhaps you need tractor beams or a Mobile Tractor Unit (MTU) if your friends just jettison their load.
A nice page for info is here: EVE Uni Miasmos Infosheet
Their Miasmos fitting suggestion

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So, typically, for industrial transport ships, you use the low slots for one of these fitting scenarios:

  • Expanded Cargohold modules to increase the ship’s cargo space from 3-5-8,000 m3 to 15-20,000 m3.
  • Inertial Stabilizer modules so you can align and warp away from each stargate faster (hopefully before the enemies catch you)
  • Warp Core Stabilizer modules so that they cannot warp-disrupt your ship and “catch” you.

So, by necessity (because the low slots are taken up by one of the utility modules above), you have to “tank” your ship using shields, not armor. And for the tank, you are relying on the fact that you’re operating in high-security space, where Concord will come to your aid within 30-or-so seconds. So the shield tank consists of the biggest shield extender that you can fit inside the ship’s Power Grid, and then fill up the rest of the mid slots with shield resistance hardeners. You don’t repair damage to the shield, you just make the shield as big as possible, and hopefully you’ll survive long enough for Concord to come to your rescue.

Now, Alpha characters are very limited to how high they can train the Industrial Ship skill, and that skill multiplies the ship’s cargo hold if you train it higher. So for an Alpha account, it is fortunate that the Miasmos has a dedicated, separate cargo bay for just transporting ore, and it’s already big regardless of your skill levels. So you should train the skills that are listed as a prerequisite for flying the Miasmos, plus the Shield skills to be able to fit medium or large shield extender, and shield hardeners.

And because the Miasmos ore hold isn’t affected by Expanded Cargohold modules (it’s already big), you will see that the recommended fittings have the Inertia Stabilizers or the Warp Core Stabilizers in the low slots, so you can get away from a hostile situation hopefully before the enemy has a chance to lock you down.

Now, also keep in mind that an industrial ship, even with all the shield resistances that you put in, can usually be killed within 15-20 seconds (before Concord has a chance to appear), by one or three destroyer-class ships. The Caldari Catalyst destroyer is a favorite of the suicide-ganker crew that likes to hit mining barges and transport ships. And suicide-ganking is a matter of cost vs. reward: they attack you, blow you up, then Concord comes and blows up their destroyers, but then they can come back or use an alt to loot the ore that you had in your ship. A few destroyers cost something like 2-3 million ISK total, so if you carry ore that’s worth more than that, it’s profitable for them to go ahead with this suicide-gank scenario; they’ll make profit when they loot your ore.

So, keep that in mind and minimize the time that you spend in space. Create bookmarks (right-click, “save location”) at the asteroid field so you can warp directly on top of your friends and load up their ore, then warp directly to the station to unload it. Add the well-known alliance CODE to your contacts list with red standings, so that you can tell if they show up in the local chat channel or in your overview (assume that you’re about to be attacked if you see them). Be wary of “innocent newbies” sitting next to you in the asteroid belt and chatting; the destroyers can use them as “warp to” vectors to land right on top of you and surprise you with max damage.

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Hey, the Catalyst was my first Dessie (thanks to my career agent), 8 slots of boom! But no drone capacity.
Alas, it’s Gallente :wink:

I’ve read about battle fit Nereus and even BvR Industrials battles, but until now nobody took my bait :wink:

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The Miasmos is a good ship. The one thing to know is cargo extenders have no effect on ore bay(good thing I think) so no reason not to tank.

I’m an alpha too, and I keep a naked ship(no rigs and barely tanked) on the just to be cheap. You can easily use it with just a few skills trained and well worth it. Science(for tractor beam for small fleets), Ancoring(for MTU for larger fleets), ship skill, Long Range targeting, skills microwarp drive, a few shield skills, and core skills and be very happy.

The main skills to use it to the fullest are:

Hull Upgrades : 5% bonus to armor hit points per skill level.

Mechanics : 5% bonus to structure hit points per skill level.

Capacitor Systems Operation : 5% reduction in capacitor recharge time per skill level.

CPU Management : 5% Bonus to ship CPU output per skill level.

Electronics Upgrades : 5% reduction of CPU needs for all modules requiring

Electronics Upgrades per skill level.

Energy Grid Upgrades : 5% reduction in CPU needs of modules requiring

Energy Grid Upgrades per skill level.

Power Grid Management : 5% Bonus to ship’s PowerGrid output per skill level.

Acceleration Control : 5% Bonus to Afterburner and MicroWarpdrive speed boost per skill level.

Afterburner : 5% reduction to afterburner duration and 10% reduction in afterburner capacitor use per skill level.

Evasive Maneuvering : 5% improved ship agility for all ships per skill level.

High Speed Maneuvering : 5% reduction in MicroWarpdrive capacitor usage per skill level.

Navigation : 5% bonus to sub-warp ship velocity per skill level.

Warp Drive Operation : Each skill level reduces the capacitor need of initiating warp by 10%.

Shield Management : 5% bonus to shield capacity per skill level.

Shield Operation : 5% reduction in shield recharge time per skill level.

Shield Upgrades : 5% reduction in shield upgrade powergrid needs.

Gallente Industrial

Long Range Targeting : 5% bonus to targeting range per skill level.

Signature Analysis : 5% improved targeting speed per skill level. Very slow lock on, helps a lot

Target Management : +1 extra target per skill level, up to the ship’s maximum allowed number of targets locked. Train to 1, Miasmos can only lock 2 targets

Armor Layering : Skill at installing upgraded armor plates efficiently and securely.

EM Armor Compensation : Bonus to EM armor plating.

Explosive Armor Compensation : Bonus to explosive armor plating.

Kinetic Armor Compensation : Bonus to kinetic armor harders.

Thermal Armor Compensation : Bonus to thermal armor hardeners.

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