Moving Ore Around

If you want to move bulk ore in safe places around, an Orca is a good choice.

A miasmos can be a descent way to move around if you don’t mind a severe lack of tank. MWD eats all the PG.

For moving through low sec, MWD + cloak on a Deep Space Transport will often work. It’s usually too dangerous to take an Orca there and a Miasmos there. And DST is a fine way to move through high sec too since the ore fits just fine in the fleet hanger.

Any use for the Sigil, Badger, or Nerus when moving ore? If you want to move a lot, the Orca, Miasmos, and Deep Space Transports carry more. If you want to be super-safe the Deep Space Transports offer MWD + Cloak and leaving some PG left for a tank. Even if you only want to move 500 mm of ore and dind’t need the tank of a Deep Space Transport, it seems to me a Venture would be better since you can just stuff an inertia stab and move around.

I don’t often move ore around, but I think there are a few more options:

  • Prospect or Endurance. Especially the Endurance with a 19k ore hold can haul a lot of compressed ore safely. While it doesn’t have a CovOps cloak like the Prospect, it moves at unhindered speed while cloaked and can immediately warp after aligning cloaked. Prospect has a little less space but the CovOps cloak means you can be cloaked pretty much all the time.
  • Jump Freighters and/or Rorquals. Carrying large amounts of stuff relatively safe from one system to another in one jump outside high sec
  • Regular freighters with their huge cargo holds. Can also be used outside high sec, but may either need a fleet to deter attackers or a Titan to bridge it

The defensive low cargo T1 haulers aren’t really that useful for hauling ore. For the price of the ship a Miasmos would do better and if you want to be more safe, picking any of the mining frigates would be a better choice I think.

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Not sure if there is a question here or if this is supposed to be basic info for new players? You really don’t want to be hauling ore around in T1 industrials OR your mining ships if you can avoid it. Reprocessing your ore into minerals (even with bad reprocessing skills) would be more efficient for a newer player than spending ages hauling around ore in T1 industrials (as you could spend all the time you’ve saved mining more ore.) If you have to haul ore, either put it in a freighter or compress it and haul it that way but by the time you’ve skilled into those ships you will already understand this. I don’t recommend ‘hauling’ in a rorq as taking whales gate to gate, especially in lowsec or nullsec where rorqs live, is usually a very bad idea.

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