Primae Planetary Commodities Hold

Hello everyone, please excuse me if my English is a bit bumpy. I would like to introduce the idea that the Primae has a cargo space for Planetary Commodities of at least 10000m³or 35000m³ but ideally 70000m³, it seems to me useful and suitable, since the Porpoise, basically the same type of ship has a very comparable ore hold.
And it could still be a collector’s item, but would be usefull on the other hand.


Agree. I dont kow whats the point in having this ship with that tiny hold.

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Primae is a limited edition ship that was given out when PI was introduced. It has 2 specialized holds - one for command centers and one for PI commodities. It requires no skills to fly - it’s purpose was to let new players experiment with PI.

It serves no useful purpose today - basically a collectors item. Fly an Epithal instead.


Thank you for your input. I agree. Nonetheless the mentioned change would turn a collectors item into something more usefull.


It’s a good idea although i would like it better if the Noctis got a PI hold.

Primae is special edition ship (collectors item)

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You can call it a collectors ship that wont change the fact the tiny pi hold is a joke.

And the Epithal is a gallente industrial. An ORE ship that can do PI would be awesome. If not even the Primae but a ship with a decent PI hold that doesnt need racial skills but like “ORE Industrial” just like the Noctis.

And a role bonus that allows you to loot planetary customs offices from not 2,5km like normal loot distance but 10km. Or a fix to costums offices so they dont send you flying every time you warp to one.

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