Forgotten ship - Primae

Primae requires a special attention from developers.

So whether rework it or remove.

Me personally interesting if pilots use it. This ship was famous just after PI implementation. But then it became lost.
I bielive it is possible for him to have a second birth because the core idea is not bad. My thoughts about redesigning Primae:

  • increase comand center hold (up to 6000 cub. m);
  • increase PI commodities hold and make it skill dependent (so with max skills it will be 100 000 cub. m);
  • ad visual elements of big hold.

Make it a fuel block hauler with >100k m³ cargo.
We have the Epithal for hauling PI stuff.

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The thing that bothers me the most related to the Primae, is both the Noctis and the Porpoise had the Primae name decal on them, instead of their own name the last time I checked. Can we fix this first?

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I support this, if only because I want to see vets irritated at a bunch of people brining up the primae noctis thing like it’s some big secret.


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It has no command center hold. And that’s why I suggested greater hold for Primae so it to be different.

Mostly this, it was a free gift, it was never meant to be a ship of any particular role just a novelty, we got the Epithal which fills that role, but as mentioned by Kapronov it could be repurposed to serve a role, fuel blocks, but CCP probably won’t consider it, mostly because people don’t see any value in it, I believe that there is nothing wrong with ships playing roles but people fight this tooth and nail and it makes me wonder, why, why do we then have things in our RL such as sports cars and passenger cars, a Prius serves the purpose of moving people from point a to point b, yet a sport car is really just something that is not necessary especially if you consider that speed limits are imposed on both vehicles and both vehicles can do the speed limit.

I don’t mean to go off track but the point is how many players can argue against, but yet walk around and be happy and not bothered by the lack of logic in our lives, humans are crazy creatures that I have a very hard time understanding how they can accept a fallacy and then argue against the same thing, a Epithal can do it yes, but why not the Primae.

If I had my way in the world we would all drive a prius (or Tesla), so that resources aren’t used up, it is the same here in EVE, people, governments argue that the economy of the world will fall apart by getting rid of wasteful vehicles, big oil pollution, hell trump wants coal again, there is no logic, yet, we accept the status quo, and that in a long winded rant is why there will be no change to the Primae.

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There is a large part of such users which just try to drop the topic because it concerns their bussiness (just like in case of wardecs - most users who post against it’s removing are simply high-sec mercs or those who hire them) so for them there’s no difference what to put into forum.
From the other hand this is a lack of moderation. There are users who think they have rights to put anything anywhere and again there’s no difference for them what it will be. And no moderation to slightly restrict them.

I here you, although I don’t necessarily think that we need mods to be the keepers of checks and balances it is something reminiscent of playground monitors when we were in elementary school.

EVE forums (for that matter forums in general), have a way to decenting into chaos if not moderated by the forum police, this is a very sad part of anonymity on the net, the inability for others to moderate themselves, a simple way to call that out is to simply label it childish, but it goes deeper then that, it is a sign of what humanity suffers from, irrationality, and irrationality is a very good indicator of mental instability, the human condition that keeps us suffering as a whole, all the different ways we have tried and failed to as a world to make humanity function properly, I’ve said it so many times, we have lived with insanity for so long we don’t recognize it as such, I’m not so bent that I know we are robots and there needs to be room for emotional expression, I like an explosion as much as the next guy (in game), I get heated when NPC pirates get the best of me, I’m human, but I also know that when I’m dealing with humans I must behave in a manner that doesn’t seek to contend.

Bottom line is that this human madness of seeking contentious interaction is why no matter where you go there’s always someone wanting to fight about anything including the color of your socks, but until we face ourselves and fight the madness we will always have madmen coming at us, as far as the game, if I get tired to these types I always can shut them out, its called logging off and that is the best thing, even if we weren’t here they would still be looking for something to contend with…even a wall.

They are. But they have never been a drivers of a progress. And there are others as well.

Pi fuel tanker combo I can stand behind,pi alone is …less.

I understand, but how often do people have to actually transport command centers? You buy 6 of them and set them up one time, basically.


Free gift or not, it would still be cool to have it be useful in some way. Same goes for the Echelon. That’s probably even more forgotten than the Primae.

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I own both more then a few times over, I use my echelon on occasion to go buy a bpc or some cheap low volume stuff and definitely use my Primae to do PI when I set up the command centers, and I agree with you, it’s just the way it is because the people that could change this won’t, they have no incentive nor drive to do so for so little return (in their judgment).

Re-purpose the Primae with a Covert Ops II module slot add a larger command center bay and dedicated fuel bay and you could have a winner.

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