Revamp the Primae

Since it is already planned to make a pass over industrials and add things like gas and ice holds, I would like to suggest that the PI hold on the Primae be enlarged, ideally to be a modest improvment over the Epithal. What this would accomplish:

  • Give an ORE (i.e., non-Gallente) option for hauling PI around. This will improve options for training hauling ships and reduce the sense of Gallente transports being a necessary train for industrialists.
  • Create a two-level option for hauling PI for more skilled players with a higher cost/utility point that the Epithal.
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Give it improved cloak bonuses similar to an endurance

They’d have to release the Primae to the public. To which unless you were given one by CCP or obtained it some other way, currently there are no contracts and you cannot buy the Primae on the market… let it sit and rot in stations unless CCP brings it back, which i doubt they will.

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The Primae is a special edition ship and doesn’t need to be useful beyond being a collectible.

Unless the revamp of the Primae includes a blueprint to make more of them, I don’t think it needs any changes.


Yeah, a BPO is obvs.

I think there is a need for a little more ship diversity in specialized haulers - less Gallente dominance and more good/better distinction. The primae is an obvs choice for that improvment because (a) it exists, (b) its value as a SE ship is still rather low (see also the Gnosis, FWIW) and (c) I freaking love the EA Destroyer inspired ship model and would like to see more of it in use. The Noctis is just as pointless as the Primae rn. :slight_smile:

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How. Its literally the worst ship in game

I mean maybe by adding a newbro playstyle such as people contracting PI pickup/drop off for rewards. Or using the ship to manufacture higher end pi in the bay itself…

While I am partial to a specialized cargohold increase…

Shrinking the mass to match that of a Porpoise so it can fit through frigate holes for PI transport through wormholes would be welcome.

I agree wholeheartedly. A ship that makes me smile, much like the Nostromo does, an amazing industrial, both ugly and beautiful, with a history. This ship needs love.

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